First Student Surpasses 3M Electric Miles

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First Student, North America’s largest school bus operator, has reached a significant milestone by surpassing 3 million miles driven by its fleet of electric school buses. This achievement not only marks a leadership position in zero-emission student transportation but also underscores the benefits being extended to the environment, schools, and communities. The company’s rapid progress indicates a firm commitment to a sustainable future, with a goal of converting 30,000 diesel buses to electric by 2035.

Key Highlights:

  • 3 million miles driven by electric school buses, equivalent to 120 global circumnavigations.
  • Significant environmental impact with a reduction of 75.6 million tons of carbon emissions projected.
  • First Student manages the largest electric school bus fleet in North America, expecting to grow to over 1,400 buses by year-end.
  • $220 million secured in EPA funding to aid district transitions to electric buses.

“Three million electric miles driven is an astounding achievement, and it is also just the beginning of a brighter, cleaner, safer future for the students we serve,” remarked John Kenning, CEO of First Student. “This is a proud day for our team, not just as the largest provider of school transportation in North America and the leaders in zero emission school buses, but because of what it means for so many communities now and in the coming years. To help students reach their full potential, we need to help districts deploy quieter buses, create safer rides, and deliver cleaner air not tomorrow but today, and that’s just what today’s announcement represents.”

In just eight months, First Student escalated from two million to three million electric miles, indicating a swift acceleration in their fleet expansion and adaptation. Each electric bus replacing a diesel model can cut greenhouse gases by 54,000 pounds annually.

First Student’s efforts are supported significantly by the EPA’s Clean School Bus Program, which has provided the company with $140 million as of January 2024, facilitating the addition of over 370 new electric buses. This funding is part of a broader initiative that aims to inject $5 billion into school bus electrification over five years.

About First Student: First Student stands as a pioneering force in school transportation across North America. The company ensures high standards of safety and reliability, servicing over 46,000 buses that cater to various school districts with services including transportation management, special-needs transportation, and fleet maintenance.

This milestone not only exemplifies First Student’s leadership in transforming student transport but also reinforces its role in fostering community health and well-being through innovative and sustainable practices.

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