Fisker Ocean One SUV Begins US Deliveries with Industry-Leading Range

Fisker Inc. commences U.S. deliveries of the groundbreaking Fisker Ocean One SUV, touting an unrivaled 360-mile range. This marks a pivotal milestone for the all-electric automaker after successfully kick-starting deliveries in Europe.

What’s Happening

Fisker Inc., the pioneering automaker focused on delivering emotional and sustainable electric vehicles, has started rolling out the first batch of its Fisker Ocean One launch edition SUV to customers in the United States. These initial deliveries comprise 22 vehicles that will be distributed at a company facility in Los Angeles.

Why It Matters

The commencement of the U.S. deliveries marks a significant landmark for the California-based automaker, as it follows a unique dual-market certification strategy. Fisker has already kick-started deliveries of its electric vehicles in Europe. The simultaneous launch in both continents symbolizes the company’s commitment to spreading sustainable mobility on a global scale.

Key Points

The Fisker Ocean One, a launch edition model of the $68,999 Fisker Ocean Extreme, boasts a 113 kWh battery pack, and on standard 20″ wheels and tires, it delivers an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) range of 360 miles. This puts the Fisker Ocean SUV at the forefront in its class for having the longest range among new electric SUVs.

The European counterpart, the Fisker Ocean Extreme, has demonstrated an impressive World Harmonized Light-duty Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP) range of 707km/440 UK miles on standard 20” wheels and tires, a record-breaking range for an electric SUV sold in Europe. In the U.S., the all-electric SUV lineup begins at $37,499 for the Fisker Ocean Sport trim level.

Bottom Line

Fisker’s latest feat with the Ocean One SUV underpins its leadership in sustainable electric mobility, pushing the boundaries with class-leading range and customer-focused innovation. As CEO Henrik Fisker stated, this milestone in the U.S. market and the fulfillment of customer patience with the Fisker Ocean’s innovative features, high sustainability, and extended range mark a vital step towards the company’s ambitious vision. With further deliveries planned throughout the summer, Fisker continues to accelerate towards a future where electric mobility is the norm.


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