Ford’s Ultra-Fast EV Charging Expansion in Europe

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In a significant move for European electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, Ford has joined forces with Allego N.V. to introduce ultra-fast charging stations at numerous Ford dealerships across the continent. This collaboration aims to enhance the EV charging experience for Ford customers and support the adoption of electric vehicles in Europe.

Key Highlights:

  • Partnership between Ford and Allego to install ultra-fast charging technology at Ford dealerships.
  • Charging stations will offer up to 400 kW power, making EV charging more convenient.
  • The initiative is part of Ford’s commitment to a 100% electric vehicle lineup in Europe by 2035.
  • Customers can enjoy preferential charging rates with the FordPass Charging Card or app.
  • The collaboration supports Ford’s BlueOval Charge Network, expanding access to over 600,000 charging points.
Ford's Ultra-Fast EV Charging Expansion in Europe

Ford and Allego’s strategic partnership heralds a new era of convenience and accessibility for EV owners in Europe. By equipping Ford dealerships with Allego’s cutting-edge ultra-fast charging technology, the initiative ensures that Ford EV drivers have around-the-clock access to high-speed charging facilities. This move not only caters to the current needs of EV owners but also bolsters consumer confidence in electric mobility.

Mathieu Bonnet, CEO of Allego, emphasizes the company’s role in expanding the charging network to accommodate the growing number of EVs on European roads. Ford’s initiative to electrify its vehicle lineup is complemented by Allego’s commitment to making electric driving more practical and accessible.

Ford executives highlight the importance of this partnership in enhancing the EV charging infrastructure, noting that it will make the transition to electric vehicles smoother for consumers. The inclusion of these charging stations in the BlueOval Charge Network further enriches Ford’s charging ecosystem, offering seamless and efficient charging solutions across Europe.

The collaboration between Ford and Allego is a testament to the automotive industry’s ongoing efforts to support sustainable mobility. With plans to expand the ultra-fast charging network across Ford dealerships, this partnership is set to play a crucial role in accelerating the shift towards electric vehicles in Europe.

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