Powered by EVgo eXtend, this network will help enable long-distance electric travel across the U.S.

DETROIT and KNOXVILLE – To help increase the adoption of electric vehicles, GM and Pilot Company are collaborating on a national DC fast charging network. This project will provide urban and rural communities with access to charging infrastructure, making long-distance travel easier for people and vehicles. By partnering with EVgo, this network will be installed, operated, and maintained nationwide, demonstrating how public and private entities can work together to build a cleaner future.

This nationwide network of 2,000 co-branded “Pilot Flying J” and “Ultium Charge 360” charging stalls will be powered by EVgo eXtend. The stations will be open to all EV brands and offer charging at up to 500 Pilot and Flying J travel centers. GM customers will enjoy benefits like exclusive reservations, discounts on charging, and a streamlined Plug and Charge process. Additionally, integration into GM’s vehicle brand apps will provide real-time charger availability and help with route planning. This collaboration is expected to enhance America’s EV driving experience.

As part of our commitment to providing convenient and reliable charging options for electric vehicles, Pilot and Flying J travel centers will feature a number of fast charging stalls from EVgo. These chargers will offer up to 350 kW of power, making them ideal for long-distance travel. In addition, the stations will feature canopies to protect customers from the elements while charging, as well as the pull-through capability for electric pickup trucks and SUVs pulling trailers.

Third-party research shows that widespread access to highway charging, particularly in underserved urban and rural areas, is a significant barrier to mass EV adoption.

This collaboration is targeting the installation of charging stalls at 50-mile intervals across the U.S. For GM, this development is one more step of its nearly $750 million investment in EV charging infrastructure, including:

  • Enabling access to more than 100,000 charge points in the U.S. and Canada through its Ultium Charge 360 ecosystem
  • Collaborating with EVgo to build out a network of 3,250 charging stalls in major metro areas by 2025
  • Installing up to 40,000 chargers in local dealer communities through GM’s Dealer Community Charging Program, focusing on underserved rural and urban areas

This project builds on Pilot Company’s recently announced “New Horizons” initiative to invest $1 billion to fully upgrade its travel centers with more premium amenities and offerings that aren’t typically available at current EV charging locations. Guests will have access to free Wi-Fi at most locations, expanded seating and lounge areas, updated and modernized restrooms, on-site restaurants including Pilot’s signature fresh hot and cold deli, premium coffee, and shopping for travel essentials and souvenirs while their vehicles are charging. Pilot and Flying J travel centers are open 24/7, ensuring that team members are always onsite to provide consistently high service to guests.

Beyond this program, GM and Pilot Company will continue working with key stakeholders to use new and existing public-private programs to accelerate the development of more public EV charging infrastructure.