Goodyear Teams Up with GILLIG to Unveil New EV-Ready Urban Max BSAEV Tire for Transit Fleets

Goodyear, in collaboration with GILLIG, introduces the innovative Urban Max BSAEV tire, designed specifically for EV transit buses, enhancing efficiency and extending the range of electric vehicles.

What’s Happening

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company is introducing its latest EV-ready tire, the Urban Max BSAEV (Bus Service All-Position), to the U.S. market. Engineered in collaboration with GILLIG, America’s top manufacturer of heavy-duty transit buses, this tire is the first from Goodyear with features geared toward EV transit and metro buses. Designed for increased load capacity and low rolling resistance, the new tire aims to extend the range of EVs while handling increased loads more efficiently.

Why It Matters

As communities nationwide transition towards more sustainable electric vehicles, this new tire could play a pivotal role in making public transportation more energy-efficient. The Urban Max BSAEV 315/80R22.5, which is available now, has an increased load capacity of 10,200 pounds – load range L. This feature allows EV buses, such as GILLIG’s latest Battery Electric model, to accommodate additional battery packs, thereby extending their range.

Key Points

The introduction of the Urban Max BSAEV tire is a product of the enduring partnership between Goodyear and GILLIG, two companies committed to promoting sustainable innovation in the transportation sector. The tire features a new tread design with Deep Siping to maintain Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) traction, an enhanced 4-Belt Package for a high load-carrying capacity, and a low-rolling resistance compound to enhance energy efficiency. The tire meets GHG Phase 2 Compliance for metro buses and fits select GILLIG Low Floor Battery Electric buses.

Bottom Line

Goodyear’s innovative Urban Max BSAEV tire showcases the tire company’s commitment to driving smart, sustainable change in the transit industry. As part of Goodyear’s Total Mobility platform, the Urban Max BSAEV is not only a trusted product but is also backed by a premier service network and comprehensive tire management for customers. For more details about the Urban Max line and its benefits for your transit fleet, visit Celebrating its 125-year anniversary in 2023, Goodyear continues its tradition of delivering world-class products and services, remaining “More Driven” in enabling mobility worldwide.

Note: Low rolling resistance is one factor that may help extend EV range. Actual range extension may vary and may be impacted by other conditions including weather, proper maintenance, driver behavior, and road conditions.


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