Hispano Suiza Sagrera: 120 Years of Legacy

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Hispano Suiza celebrates its 120th anniversary with the unveiling of the Carmen Sagrera, the third hypercar in the Carmen series. The Sagrera boasts an updated design, a powerful second-generation 103 kWh battery, and enhanced aerodynamics and interiors, redefining the Gentleman Driver concept.

Key Highlights

  • Updated Design: Features a large stork-wing shaped rear spoiler and new interiors.
  • Advanced Battery: Equipped with a second-generation 103 kWh battery, offering a range of up to 480 km (WLTP).
  • High Performance: Four 205 kW motors deliver 1,100 hp, achieving 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.6 seconds.
  • Enhanced Aerodynamics: Redesigned front and rear ends, including a large spoiler for improved downforce and grip.
Hispano Suiza Sagrera: 120 Years of Legacy

Hispano Suiza Carmen Sagrera: Celebrating 120 Years

Hispano Suiza unveiled the Carmen Sagrera, marking its 120th anniversary with an advanced electric hypercar. The presentation at Finca Mas Solers gathered the Hispano Suiza team, media, ambassadors, and customers. Miguel Suqué, President of Hispano Suiza, emphasized the brand’s enduring pioneering spirit: “This is a story of people, of cars, and of numbers, but above all, it is about people who work as a team and love a unique and challenging project—a project with a lot of soul.”

Sergio Martínez Campos, CEO of Hispano Suiza, added, “With the Sagrera we are consolidating in style the Carmen range that was born in 2019. We are very proud of what we have achieved in just five years. This 2024 is the year of acceleration in which we are going to conquer key markets for us such as the United States, we will complete the European homologation and, of course, it is a year to celebrate our legacy.”

The new hypercar was introduced with a light and dance show by internationally renowned dancer Sol Picó. Luis Pérez Sala, development driver and brand ambassador, drove the Sagrera on stage, symbolizing the oriental legend of the red thread, suggesting that certain encounters are predestined.

Hispano Suiza Sagrera: 120 Years of Legacy

Battery and Technology

The Carmen Sagrera incorporates Hispano Suiza’s second-generation batteries, featuring a 103 kWh capacity. Juan Fernández, Technical Director, explained that “this technology has been developed and manufactured 100% at the Hispano Suiza facilities in Montmeló, Barcelona.” The new battery, with improved lithium-ion cells, weighs just 612 kg and operates at a maximum voltage of over 750VDC, increasing the driving range to 480 km.

In addition, the hypercar features an advanced cooling system, more effective temperature control, and sustainable materials, improving overall efficiency. The central T-shaped battery position enhances weight distribution and dynamic performance.

Performance and Design

The Sagrera’s front-end design highlights its sporty character, with a pointed grille and redesigned front bonnet vents that improve functionality. Francesc Arenas, head of design, noted, “with the Sagrera, we have refined the concept of sportiness, while maintaining our tradition of excellence and setting the stage for future designs.”

The rear-end features a large spoiler resembling stork wings, enhancing aerodynamics and design. Inside, the hypercar’s center console and infotainment system are upholstered in alcantara with black and red leather, emphasizing exclusivity.

Hispano Suiza Sagrera: 120 Years of Legacy

Power and Suspension

Equipped with four 205 kW motors, the Sagrera delivers 1,100 hp and 1,160 Nm of torque, achieving 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.6 seconds. The suspension system, designed for racing-level performance, includes adjustable shock absorbers and coil springs.

The advanced braking system features single-block brake calipers and 400mm carboceramic discs, capable of withstanding intense braking demands.

Upcoming Events

Following its worldwide premiere, the Hispano Suiza Carmen Sagrera will debut dynamically at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in mid-July.

About Hispano Suiza

Founded in 1904 by Damián Mateu with Marc Birkigt, Hispano Suiza is a historic Spanish automobile brand. In 2019, the brand unveiled the Carmen, its 100% electric hypercar, followed by the Carmen Boulogne. The 2024 Carmen Sagrera completes the range, redefining the Gentleman Driver concept with 24 exclusive units. Miguel Suqué Mateu, great-grandson of the founder, continues to drive the brand forward, celebrating its rich legacy and future potential.

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