Hyundai Drives EV Future in Thailand with IONIQ Lab Launch

Hyundai Motor Company takes center stage in Thailand’s EV revolution with the grand opening of IONIQ Lab at True Digital Park, Bangkok.

Marking a pivotal moment for Hyundai and its star EV, the IONIQ 5, this new facility embodies the company’s unwavering dedication to a greener future through sustainable innovation, both in Thailand and beyond.

IONIQ Lab shines a spotlight on Hyundai’s global leadership and expertise in EV development, while fostering a spirit of creativity and collaboration through its local branch, Hyundai Mobility Thailand. By bridging diverse perspectives from across the globe, the space ignites meaningful discussions on trending technologies and future mobility solutions.

“IONIQ Lab opens an exhilarating new chapter for the IONIQ brand, following the successful launch of IONIQ 5 in Thailand,” remarked Mr. Jae Gyou Chung, Chief Executive Officer of Hyundai Mobility Thailand Company. “We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to contribute to a brighter future, without compromise.”

Conceived as a hub for both innovation and sustainability, IONIQ Lab embodies Thailand’s commitment to shaping the future of mobility. This “Pioneer Playground” fosters freedom of movement, seamless connectivity, and unwavering environmental responsibility. Visitors can delve into the world of IONIQ’s intuitive technologies and products through a dynamic, interactive experience.

“The investment in Thailand’s IONIQ Lab underlines our profound belief in its strategic importance to Hyundai’s ASEAN strategy,” stressed Mr. Chung. “By delivering exceptional services and products, we forge a sustainable path forward. IONIQ Lab goes beyond simply embracing the future of electric vehicles. It’s a platform for exploring Hyundai’s identity and sharing captivating stories. In essence, it’s a unique space for customers to experience the very essence of Hyundai Mobility’s electric vehicle technology.”


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