Ionic MT & ANDRITZ Power Up EV Battery Production

US manufacturer Ionic Mineral Technologies partners with global leader ANDRITZ to mass-produce next-generation EV battery materials, boosting charging speeds and range.

Ionic MT, a trailblazer in nano-silicon anode powders, teams up with Austrian automation giant ANDRITZ to ramp up production of crucial battery components for the next wave of lithium-ion batteries. This partnership targets the booming demand for batteries with faster charging and longer range, key drivers in the electric vehicle revolution.

“This collaboration redefines sustainability in the battery supply chain,” declares Andre Zeitoun, CEO of Ionic MT. “We’re positioning the US as a global leader in critical materials production, fueling the clean energy boom.”

Ionic MT’s secret weapon? Ionisil, a naturally sourced nano-silicon anode material they say multiplies battery capacity by eight and skyrockets charging speeds. By joining forces with ANDRITZ, they aim to transform their patented technology into a continuous manufacturing juggernaut, churning out over 20,000 tons of Ionisil annually – enough to power over 2.5 million EVs per year.

But it’s not just about raw power. Both companies prioritize sustainability. ANDRITZ’s innovative technology promises to recycle up to 99% of the chemicals used in Ionisil production, minimizing waste and fostering a circular economy. Their cutting-edge control systems optimize resource utilization while guaranteeing consistent product quality.

“As transportation electrifies, a robust and sustainable battery material supply chain becomes crucial,” emphasizes Mark Staton, President and CEO of ANDRITZ North America. “Ionic MT and ANDRITZ are proactively paving the way for a greener future.”

This partnership marks a significant leap in EV battery technology, promising faster, farther travels and a cleaner production footprint. With Ionic MT and ANDRITZ joining forces, the electric future looks brighter than ever.


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