itselectric Partners with Hyundai CRADLE and NYCEDC for Urban EV Charging Pilot

What’s Happening: Brooklyn-based electric vehicle (EV) charging company itselectric is partnering with Hyundai CRADLE and the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) to launch a pilot program showcasing curbside EV charging infrastructure designed for urban settings.

Why It Matters: This partnership aims to make EV charging more accessible in densely populated cities, expanding access to clean transportation and helping cities achieve their carbon reduction targets. The pilot is a result of itselectric being a finalist in Hyundai CRADLE’s EV Open Innovation Challenge.

Key Points:

  • itselectric is the only charging network offering revenue sharing for residential property owners, encouraging wider adoption of EV charging infrastructure.
  • The pilot will be itselectric’s largest public demonstration of its charging network, which helps cities meet carbon reduction targets without costly infrastructure upgrades.
  • The EV chargers will be the first compact, user-friendly charge posts with fully detachable charging cords in North America, making them ideal for urban environments.
  • Hyundai CRADLE selected itselectric as a finalist based on its potential to expand market access to electric vehicles and improve customer charging experiences.
  • The pilot program will begin in spring 2023, with six charging posts deployed across two locations: The Brooklyn Army Terminal and Steiner Studios.
  • For two months, the charging posts will be user-tested by local EV drivers, who will provide feedback for refining the final product.

Bottom Line: itselectric’s strategic partnership with Hyundai CRADLE and NYCEDC will bring its innovative, city-friendly EV charging infrastructure to the streets of Brooklyn. This pilot program seeks to improve access to EV charging in urban neighborhoods and aligns with Hyundai’s goal of democratizing electric vehicle technology. The collaboration aims to accelerate the transition to zero-emission vehicles and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.


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