J+ Booster 2: Safe EV Charging

J+ Americas Inc., a subsidiary of a globally recognized Swiss company specializing in electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, introduces the J+ BOOSTER 2. This advanced portable charger for EVs exemplifies innovation in safety and efficiency, emphasizing its critical overheating protection feature. Integrated directly into household plugs, the J+ CELSIUS temperature sensor, a patented technology, ensures that the J+ BOOSTER 2 sets a new standard in charging safety and durability.

Key Highlights:

  • Patented Overheating Protection: The J+ CELSIUS temperature sensor is installed at the plug pins to prevent socket overheating.
  • Innovative Pause and Resume Feature: Charging automatically pauses and resumes based on temperature, enhancing safety.
  • Compatibility and Convenience: Adaptable to various NEMA plugs, the J+ BOOSTER 2 is versatile for different charging needs.
  • Commitment to Improvement: J+ Americas plans to expand its range of adapters, including the NEMA 6-50 and NEMA 14-50, with temperature monitoring.
  • Industry-Leading Durability: The charger’s military-grade aluminum body ensures exceptional toughness.

“Our J+ CONNECTOR adapter plugs NEMA 5-15, 6-15, 5-20, and 6-20 are fitted with J+ CELSIUS temperature sensors,” stated Michael Boehm, Managing Director of J+ Americas. This strategic implementation of temperature monitoring significantly mitigates the risk of fire, thereby elevating safety standards in electric vehicle charging.

Recent recalls from major car manufacturers due to overheating issues underline the importance of J+ Americas’ innovative approach. The J+ BOOSTER 2 not only addresses these concerns but also guarantees a fully charged battery without compromising the domestic installation’s integrity.

About J+ Americas:

Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, J+ Americas Inc. is part of a leading group specializing in EV charging solutions. The company’s flagship product, the J+ BOOSTER 2, is a testament to Swiss engineering, offering unmatched safety and flexibility for EV owners in North America. With features like the J+ CELSIUS sensor and a robust design, J+ Americas continues to enhance the EV charging experience.

For more information, visit jplusbooster.com.

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