Japanese Tech Giant AIM to Launch High-Power EV Concept Car at Goodwood Festival

What’s Happening

Japan-based technology behemoth AIM, known for its innovation in automotive research and development, is all set to unveil its inaugural concept vehicle, the AIM EV Sport 01, at the Goodwood Festival of Speed (July 13-16). This high-performance electric vehicle (EV) boasts a dual-motor rear-wheel-drive configuration powered by the company’s advanced APM200 electric motor.

Why It Matters

As an emergent player in the burgeoning electric vehicle market, AIM’s unveiling of the EV Sport 01 is poised to showcase the company’s prowess in advanced powertrain development and automotive design. The vehicle’s much-anticipated debut under the ‘First Glance’ category at the Goodwood Festival marks a significant moment in AIM’s trajectory and represents a promising evolution for the broader EV industry.

Key Points

The AIM EV Sport 01 is meticulously designed for speed and a riveting driving experience, with power exceeding 600bhp, compact dimensions below four meters, and a curb weight under 1.5 tonnes. This marks the first time AIM’s APM200 high-performance electric motor will be applied in a vehicle, signifying a noteworthy benchmark in the company’s technological evolution.

The vehicle is the fruit of a collaboration with the independent design company SN Design Platform, led by renowned automotive designer Shiro Nakamura. Further, AIM’s President and CEO, Yukinori Suzuki, has emphasized that the vehicle’s rear-wheel-drive configuration sets it apart from the prevalent all-wheel-drive trend in EVs.

Bottom Line

This dynamic debut of the AIM EV Sport 01 serves as both a concept demonstration and a prospective precursor to a limited production series, illustrating AIM’s commitment to driving forward electric mobility. Moreover, the company’s initiative to continue its investment in EV powertrain systems not only caters to OEM customers but also potentially paves the way for future vehicles in AIM’s portfolio.

Technical Details

The AIM EV Sport 01 is a 2-seater sports coupe with a real-wheel-drive dual motor. The vehicle’s dimensions include a length of 3.9m, width of 1.9m, and height of 1.2m. Its wheelbase is 2.4m, and the curb weight is 1,425kg.

The powertrain consists of two APM200 motors controlled by an advanced torque vectoring system, producing a combined 360 kW (490PS) and maximum torque of 740Nm. The body and chassis are equipped with a multi-tubular aluminum frame, double-wishbone front and rear suspension system, and body panels made from a carbon fiber laminate structure. The EV Sport 01 is decked with 20-inch wheels and includes a laminate rechargeable Lithium battery with a capacity of 81 kWh.


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