JETSI and NFI Champion Electric Trucks in California

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Ontario, California’s transportation landscape is witnessing a remarkable transformation towards sustainability. The Joint Electric Truck Scaling Initiative (JETSI) and its partner NFI are at the forefront, celebrating the deployment of 50 Class 8 battery-electric trucks and the activation of a comprehensive electric charging depot. This milestone underscores a significant advancement in zero-emission freight operations in North America.

NFI, a pivotal player in third-party supply chain solutions, has completed a significant phase in its journey towards sustainable logistics. The company now boasts a fleet comprising 30 Freightliner eCascadia and 20 Volvo VNR Electric trucks, all aimed at enhancing its dedicated port drayage services. These electric vehicles are pivotal in connecting Ontario to the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, showcasing an impressive daily operation of two port pickups per truck, averaging 220 miles before needing a recharge.

Brian Webb, NFI’s president of port services, emphasizes the company’s dedication to innovation and environmental stewardship in the logistics sector. “NFI is committed to driving innovation and sustainability in the logistics and trucking industries,” Webb states, highlighting the efficiency and reliability of battery-electric trucks in their operations.

NFI Champions Electric Trucks in Supply Chain

NFI’s commitment to supply chain sustainability has been long-standing, with over 2 million miles covered by its battery-electric fleet since 2018. This endeavor has led to the elimination of approximately 307,692 gallons of diesel fuel and 3,415 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions. Such achievements align with the broader goals of reducing pollution and transitioning towards cleaner freight solutions.

The project, which is expected to offset around 4,400 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually, has garnered support from several funding sources. Contributions from CARB, the California Energy Commission, and other stakeholders have been crucial in realizing this vision. Peter Voorhoeve, president of Volvo Trucks North America, and David Carson, SVP of Sales and Marketing at Daimler Truck North America, have both lauded NFI’s pioneering role in adopting electric trucks.

Electrify America plays a critical role in supporting NFI’s electrification efforts, providing the necessary charging infrastructure to accommodate the fleet’s needs. The collaboration is set to be enhanced further with the integration of solar power and battery storage, aiming at reducing energy costs and improving grid resilience.

This project not only represents a significant step towards zero-emission goods movement but also serves as a model for the future of freight transport. It highlights the importance of collaborative efforts and public funding in achieving sustainable transportation solutions. As NFI and its partners continue to lead by example, the vision for a cleaner, more efficient transportation landscape becomes increasingly tangible.

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