Jolta Launches First EV-Only E-Commerce Platform

The platform launches following Jolta’s partnership with Faraday Future electric cars and world-renowned micromobility EV brands such as Segway, Niu, Gocycle and more.

MIAMI – The first EV dealership network of its kind, Jolta ( will offer a curation of electric vehicles, repair and maintenance services, and charging solutions.

Just a few weeks ago, the revolutionary concept officialized a partnership with Faraday Future that included distribution rights in 15 U.S. cities, making Jolta the first U.S. distributor for the California-based global shared intelligent mobility company.

Now, prior to opening its first showroom in Miami this year, Jolta is launching its highly anticipated e-commerce platform — the first ever to exclusively showcase all categories of electric vehicles including electric cars, bikes, scooters, mopeds, self-balancing EVs, and even karting cars.

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In addition to being the first of its kind, the platform addresses a challenge that has long existed in the EV space by providing a one-stop shop for consumers to browse and compare a robust collection of electric vehicle brands prior to purchase.

“Having a multi-brand e-commerce platform allows for the customer to compare brands, product types, features & values” says Benjamin McGill Head of North America at Niu.

Jolta’s partners include world-renowned micromobility brands like Segway, Niu, Gocycle, and soon to be revealed other electric car brands.

“Jolta will help lead the way in the attractive space of EV. The target consumer is more defined now and a one-stop-shop provides a great option to their buying needs” says George Thomas
Regional Director – East Coast at Segway

Jolta plans to open its first five showrooms between 2021-2023.


Jolta is the first EV dealership network offering a curation of electric vehicles, repair and maintenance services, and charging solutions. A one-stop-shop for all EV-related needs, Jolta aims to simplify the purchase and maintenance of EVs. The company addresses lingering challenges within the EV industry by offering an EV-centric distribution network for all types of electric vehicles.


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