JOST Invests in Trailer Dynamics

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JOST Werke SE (“JOST”), a leading global producer and supplier of safety-critical systems for the commercial vehicle industry, has invested EUR 15 million in Trailer Dynamics GmbH, a start-up focused on trailer electrification. This strategic investment aims to enhance JOST’s technological activities and foster collaboration in the development of innovative e-trailer technology.

Key Highlights:

  • Investment: JOST’s investment of EUR 15 million in Trailer Dynamics strengthens its commitment to trailer electrification.
  • Innovative Technology: Trailer Dynamics has developed an intelligent electric drivetrain for e-trailers, improving the range of electric trucks and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Recognition: Trailer Dynamics was named “Innovator of the Year 2024” by the TOP 100 innovation competition.
  • Field Tests: The company has conducted successful field tests and aims to industrialize a market-ready product within the next 18 months.
  • Strategic Partnership: JOST’s investment positions it as a key supplier and strategic partner for Trailer Dynamics’ plug & play electrification kit.

Trailer Dynamics GmbH, founded in 2018, is committed to decarbonizing the transport industry with its innovative solutions. The company’s intelligent electric drivetrain for e-trailers significantly enhances the range of electric trucks and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. These products also offer substantial savings in diesel consumption and emissions when used with conventional towing vehicles. The company’s innovations were recently acknowledged by the TOP 100 innovation competition, naming Trailer Dynamics “Innovator of the Year 2024.”

The company has reached a high level of maturity, having passed successful field tests with notable partners. Trailer Dynamics aims to industrialize a market-ready series product in the next 18 months. JOST’s significant stake in the financing round underscores its investment in a rapidly maturing company. JOST will serve as both a supplier and a distribution and strategic industrialization partner for Trailer Dynamics’ plug & play electrification kit.

Joachim Dürr, CEO of JOST Werke SE, emphasized the importance of innovative solutions for the transport and logistics industry to become climate-neutral while enhancing economic efficiency. He stated, “The strategic investment in Trailer Dynamics offers JOST attractive cooperation opportunities to jointly develop new products and solutions to drive the decarbonization of our society.”

Michael W. Nimtsch, co-founder and CFO of Trailer Dynamics, expressed enthusiasm for the future collaboration with JOST. “Combining our groundbreaking e-trailer technology with the expertise of an established industry leader like JOST is a significant step to further develop our products and systems and increase our contribution to zero-emission transport.”

Following JOST’s entry as an investor, Stefan Binnewies, Board member of Bernard Krone Holding and Chairman of the Advisory Board of Trailer Dynamics, remarked, “With JOST, Trailer Dynamics has gained an important strategic investor alongside Krone and Trane Technologies, which understands and is driving forward the decarbonization of heavy goods transport. Together, we will further develop the transport and logistics industry in the coming years and open up new business areas.”

About JOST:

JOST is a global manufacturer and supplier of safety-relevant systems for the commercial vehicle industry, operating under core brands such as JOST, ROCKINGER, TRIDEC, and Quicke. With a global distribution network, JOST serves manufacturers, dealers, and end customers in the transportation, agriculture, and construction industries worldwide. JOST employs over 4,500 staff and is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. For more information, visit

About Trailer Dynamics:

Trailer Dynamics is a technology innovator focused on reducing diesel consumption for long-haul trucks and increasing the range of battery-electric tractor units (BEV) through an additional electric drivetrain in the eTrailer. This intelligent drivetrain supports diesel tractor units along the entire route, reducing CO2 emissions and enhancing BEV operational range. After successful international test drives, Trailer Dynamics has secured over 6,000 customer reservations and will showcase its eTrailer at the IAA Transportation 2024 in Hanover. For more information, visit

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