Kaiyi Auto Unveils Future of New Energy at World Power Battery Conference

Kaiyi Auto advances the future of green energy at the World Power Battery Conference with its innovative Yi concept, three technology platforms, and a line-up of new energy products.

What’s Happening

Kaiyi Auto is set to exhibit its future-focused energy technology at the World Power Battery Conference in Yibin from June 9-11, 2023. The conference, themed “New Green Power, World New Energy,” will serve as a launchpad for Kaiyi’s three new energy platforms and five innovative energy products, including the X7 PHEV, HH11, and HH12.

Why It Matters

Kaiyi’s new energy strategy, based on the “Yi concept,” is poised to redefine the company’s brand. The “Y” in “Yi” encompasses a young mindset (Young) and user thinking (Your), striking a balance between user desires (Yearn) and corporate vision. The “I” signifies the platform concept, embodying intelligence, infinity, and imagination.

Key Points

Kaiyi has developed three major technology platforms under the “Yi concept”: i-FA, i-EA, and i-XA. These platforms will facilitate the introduction of 23 new energy products across 11 series globally over the next five years.

The forthcoming conference will showcase five new energy products from the i-FA and i-EA platforms. The X7 PHEV, based on the i-FA platform, features a 1.5T hybrid engine, boasting a pure electric range of 260 km and a comprehensive range of 1200 km.

The i-EA platform’s HH11/12, entry-level electric vehicles available in 3-door and 5-door versions, come equipped with 10.25+7-inch HD dual-linkage screens, keyless entry, and other high-tech features. They will also be available in right-hand drive, offering a pure electric range of up to 400 km.

Bottom Line

In collaboration with globally recognized enterprises like CATL and Tencent, Kaiyi Auto is working to construct a sustainable industrial ecosystem that supports its new energy strategy. Following a strategic partnership with CATL in July 2021, the companies plan to collaborate on vehicle development, high energy density Kylin battery production, chocolate battery swap technology, and battery recycling. By 2025, Kaiyi envisions a new energy product lineup dominated by SUVs, complemented by A00 models, and driven by a new expandable SUV platform.


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