Loop Neighborhood Market Partners with FreeWire Technologies to Offer Ultrafast EV Charging Stations

What’s Happening: Loop Neighborhood Market, a rapidly growing convenience store and marketplace, is expanding its partnership with FreeWire Technologies to bring Boost Chargers™ to its stores, starting with the Fremont location. The collaboration aims to provide accessible and reliable charging solutions for electric vehicle (EV) drivers along California’s major highways.

Why It Matters: As the demand for zero-emission vehicles continues to grow, convenient and efficient charging solutions are essential. Loop’s upscale service portfolio and exceptional customer service, combined with FreeWire’s advanced charging technology, will contribute to a seamless experience for EV drivers in California.

Key Points:

  • Boost Chargers are compatible with all Level 3 EVs and Teslas (with an adapter), making them versatile and user-friendly.
  • Payment terminals are directly on the charger or accessible through the EV Connect app, ensuring a smooth charging and payment experience.
  • The Boost Charger is an ultrafast charger with 160kWh of integrated lithium-ion battery storage capacity and a Battery Management System (BMS).
  • The charger can provide fast charging to two EVs simultaneously using both CCS and CHAdeMO connectors.
  • The battery-integrated rapid charger outputs 150kW to an EV while drawing 27kW from the grid, minimizing energy costs by up to 70% and allowing deployment without grid connection upgrades.
  • The Boost Charger’s design occupies five times less ground space than traditional fast chargers with associated infrastructure.

Bottom Line: Loop Neighborhood Market’s partnership with FreeWire Technologies marks a commitment to the transition to zero-emission vehicles and a reduced carbon footprint. By integrating Boost Chargers into their locations, Loop is making it easier for customers to save time and be more energy efficient while charging their electric vehicles. FreeWire’s Boost Charger, with its advanced features and compatibility, is poised to become a leading ultrafast charging solution for electric vehicle drivers.


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