MG4 EV Extended Range: Long-Distance Electric Driving

MG Motor UK has announced the launch of its latest electric vehicle (EV), the MG4 EV Extended Range. This new model is a significant addition to the MG4 EV lineup and stands out for its impressive driving range and competitive pricing.

Why It Matters

The MG4 EV Extended Range is a testament to MG’s commitment to advancing EV technology and making long-distance electric driving more accessible to consumers. As the electric vehicle market continues to grow, offering cars with longer ranges at affordable prices is crucial for attracting a wider range of consumers and promoting sustainable transportation.

Key Points

  • The MG4 EV Extended Range boasts a driving range of up to 323 miles on a single charge (WLTP).
  • Priced at £36,495, it emphasizes MG’s ‘Get More’ philosophy by offering superior range at a cost-effective price point.
  • The vehicle is powered by a 77kWh battery, marking MG’s first EV to achieve over 300 miles on one charge.
  • Quick charging capabilities allow for a 10-80% charge in approximately 39 minutes.
  • Enhanced performance is evident with its 180kw electric motor, accelerating from 0-62mph in just 6.5 seconds.
  • The model retains the MG4 EV’s renowned rear-wheel drive and Modular Scalable Platform (MSP), ensuring top-notch comfort and dynamic handling.
  • The Extended Range edition comes in the Trophy specification as standard, offering comprehensive infotainment and driver-assistance features.
  • Aesthetic upgrades include larger 18″ alloy wheels and a striking black two-tone roof.

Bottom Line

The MG4 EV Extended Range is pivotal to MG’s award-winning EV lineup. Its extended driving range, competitive pricing, and enhanced features offer consumers a compelling choice in the electric vehicle market. Guy Pigounakis, MG’s Commercial Director, emphasized the breadth of choice MG now provides, from the SE models to the high-performance XPOWER, showcasing MG’s dedication to catering to diverse driving needs.


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