NIO, GAC Forge Charging Alliance

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NIO and Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd. (GAC Group) have entered into a strategic cooperation agreement to enhance their charging and battery-swapping capabilities. This collaboration was announced at a signing ceremony in Guangzhou, attended by leaders from both companies. The partnership aims to develop a unified battery standard and expand both companies’ charging and swapping infrastructure, promising significant advancements in the electric vehicle (EV) sector.

Key Highlights:

  • Strategic Collaboration: NIO and GAC Group will collaborate on battery standards, vehicle R&D, and battery asset management.
  • Infrastructure Development: The partnership will focus on developing a network for battery swap stations that are compatible with both NIO and GAC vehicles.
  • Technological Integration: By the end of the month, the companies plan to integrate their charging facilities for enhanced user convenience, allowing EV owners to locate and use charging and swapping services seamlessly.

NIO and GAC Group have agreed to jointly develop passenger vehicles with swappable batteries and compatible swap stations, aimed at streamlining the battery swap process. They will also integrate their battery-swapping networks to operate under a unified system. This is expected to establish a standardized and expansive power infrastructure network that leverages economies of scale to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

NIO is happy to cooperate with GAC on charging and swapping. As a pioneer in the NEV industry, GAC Group boasts a large user base and rich experience in the construction and operations of charging and swapping infrastructure,” said William Li, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of NIO. He emphasized that the cooperation would leverage the strengths of both companies to enhance the swapping infrastructure and user experience.

Feng Xingya, President of GAC Group, highlighted the growing market opportunities for battery swapping, especially in urban settings where many users lack dedicated parking spaces. “Going forward, with the growing NEV population, battery swapping will unleash unlimited market opportunities, especially in cities,” he remarked.

In addition to this new partnership, NIO has a history of collaboration with other major automotive and energy companies to promote the development of a robust EV infrastructure. This includes alliances with Chang’an Automobile, Geely Holding Group, and major energy providers like SINOPEC and Shell.

About NIO

Founded in 2014, NIO is a global leader in the smart electric vehicle market. With a broad portfolio of advanced technologies and electric models, NIO has established extensive research, development, and production capabilities across the globe. The company continues to innovate with its comprehensive suite of services and community-oriented platforms, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the EV sector.

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