NIO Netherlands Unveils Seventh PowerSwap Station in Arnhem

On August 28th, NIO Netherlands announced the opening of its seventh PowerSwap Station, located in Arnhem. This new facility adds to the existing network of PowerSwap Stations across various European cities.

Why It Matters

The launch of another PowerSwap Station significantly enhances the convenience and efficiency of electric vehicle (EV) ownership for NIO users. With a swapping process that takes only five minutes, the Arnhem location helps to alleviate the anxiety that is often associated with EV charging times. This facility can recharge up to 13 batteries concurrently, each with a capacity range of 20 to 80 kW, making it easier for users to find a charged battery when they need one.

NIO Netherlands Unveils Seventh PowerSwap Station in Arnhem

Key Points

  • NIO’s PowerSwap Station in Arnhem can recharge up to 13 batteries at a time.
  • Each battery swap process takes just 5 minutes to complete.
  • The station performs a thorough check on the condition of the battery and the electrical system during each swap to ensure optimal performance.
  • In addition to Arnhem, PowerSwap Stations are also available in Dordrecht, Apeldoorn, Den Hoorn, Harmelen, Tilburg, and Utrecht among other European cities.

Bottom Line

With the addition of its seventh PowerSwap Station in Arnhem, NIO Netherlands continues to expand its footprint in Europe, offering more convenience for its users. This new station is part of a broader network that includes 26 PowerSwap Stations and 10 Power Charger Stations across Europe. Furthermore, NIO users have access to over 500,000 third-party chargers as a complementary charging solution. This extensive infrastructure makes NIO a compelling choice for those looking to make the switch to electric vehicles.


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