NIO OS 2.9.0: An All-Inclusive and Effortless Upgrade

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On January 25, 2020, NIO OS 2.9.0 was officially released, making it the first update of 2021. With Firmware-Over-the-Air (FOTA) updates, NIO makes driving easier with smarter controls, anytime and anywhere.

Using the NIO APP, users have access to a more convenient system upgrade with a single click. 

A couple upgrades included in NIO OS 2.9.0 are smarter automatic parking and nearby summon. With smarter automatic parking, Self-Automatic Parking Assist with Fusion (S-APA with Fusion) identifies the surrounding parking spaces and automatically parks the vehicle for you, hassle-free. 

Next, nearby summon allows you to move your car straight forward or backward using the NIO APP, allowing for effortless movement in and out of tight parking spaces. 

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NIO OS 2.9.0 includes more user-friendly personalization among user accounts. Link your key or NFC card to separate accounts with your unique car settings to create a space of your own in the vehicle, customized to your preferences. 

Using the center display to adjust the front passenger seat creates a more flexible, comfortable, and relaxing ride experience. 

More options to explore with the NIO OS 2.9.0 update include: 

New features such as: 

  • Widget for driver seat quick control 
  • NOMI with concise speech 


  • Time limit for automatic restarts after a stop in NOP (Navigate on Pilot), NP (NIO Pilot), and ACC all adjusted to five minutes 
  • Calibration optimization and sensitivity adjustment for Auto Defogging 
  • On/off switch for NOMI Halo lighting effects


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