Nxu Inc. Bolsters US Manufacturing of Energy Solutions through Strategic Expansion in Arizona

What’s Happening

Nxu Inc., a leading US-based manufacturer of battery cells and battery packs for advanced energy storage systems, megawatt charging stations, and mobility solutions, has announced the acquisition of a secondary facility in the Phoenix metropolitan area. This expansion will effectively double the company’s manufacturing capacity, allowing it to meet the escalating demand for US-made energy solutions.

Why It Matters

With a rapidly evolving energy landscape, Nxu’s commitment to bolstering American manufacturing of sustainable energy solutions is significant. The company’s expanded presence in Arizona reflects its dedication to national energy independence, with a particular focus on innovative battery technologies. The new headquarters, located in Tempe, AZ, will supplement Nxu’s original Mesa facility, further strengthening its operational efficiencies and delivery capabilities.

Key Points

The new corporate headquarters spans approximately 21,000 square feet and, coupled with the original Mesa facility, increases Nxu’s total footprint to around 63,000 square feet. Almost two-thirds of this space will be allocated for manufacturing under one roof in Mesa. Mark Hanchett, Nxu’s CEO and Founder, highlighted that this development supports the company’s promise to manufacture cutting-edge technology products within the United States. In line with this expansion, Nxu is gearing up to ship its first battery packs to a customer in the second half of 2023. The new facility, located at 63 S. Rockford Drive in Tempe, AZ, will house up to 155 employees across various teams.

Bottom Line

Nxu’s strategic expansion in Arizona, which effectively doubles its manufacturing footprint, showcases the company’s commitment to meeting the growing demand for domestically produced energy solutions. The investment in a new corporate headquarters aligns with the company’s growth trajectory and underscores its commitment to innovation and American manufacturing. Nxu is actively recruiting for several positions across corporate, engineering, and manufacturing functions, offering a robust suite of employee benefits.


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