On Location: Electric Vehicles at the 2022 LA Auto Show

Evs that caught our eye recently at the LA Auto Show

Updated – 11-29-22

The EV Report recently attended Media Day at the 2022 LA Auto Show and there were plenty of electric vehicles on display. We decided to capture some footage of the EVs that caught our attention while walking around during Media Day.

Hyundai N Vision 74 Concept

Hyundai’s thrilling N Vision 74 hydrogen fuel cell hybrid concept made its U.S. debut at the auto show. This futuristic concept reveals the Hyundai N sub-brand electrification vision, demonstrating its commitment to zero-emissions technologies. The ‘Rolling Lab’ concept on which it is based is a testbed of future technologies seeking the highest level of emotional involvement for the driver. This strategic approach allows the N brand to experiment with the most advanced technologies from both motorsport and production car development.

Polestar 2

Polestar is expanding its tuning-based Polestar Engineered product offering with the introduction of the Polestar 2 BST edition 270. The new version leverages decades of tuning experience to deliver Polestar’s most dynamic electric car yet. As implied in the name, only 270 units will be built, exclusively for Europe, North America, and China.

Toyota LQ Concept

Toyota announced the LQ a few years back. This is a concept vehicle that leverages advanced technology to build an emotional bond between car and driver. The next generation of the Toyota Concept-i, a concept vehicle first exhibited at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, LQ is equipped with automated driving capabilities and “Yui,” a powerful artificial intelligence-powered interactive agent designed to learn from the driver and deliver a personalized mobility experience.

Hyperion XP-1 Hypercar

Hyperion Motors, Inc. showcased its spaceship-inspired ‘XP-1 Hyper:Car’ for the first time on a world stage at Automobility LA™ at the Los Angeles Convention Center. This hydrogen-powered vehicle incorporates NASA H2 technologies to deliver 2,000+ horsepower to 4 axial-flux electric motors.

Hyperion will globally launch its ‘XF-7 Hyper:Fuel’ power station. This space station-inspired charger utilizes several NASA technologies to refuel hydrogen (FCEV) and battery (BEV) electric vehicles. Because hydrogen ions (hyper-ion) can store mass amounts of electricity, this station can easily charge battery and fuel cell systems. Beyond this, XF-7 can also provide utility grid support for emergency and backup power applications.

Lexus RZ

As Lexus’ first global BEV model, the all-new RZ marks Lexus’ transition into a BEV-centered brand, and it embodies the unique Lexus vehicle design and driving experience made available through advanced, electrified technology. The utilization of a BEV-specific platform (e-TNGA), as well as a lightweight and highly rigid body, has enhanced the fundamental performance of the vehicle by achieving optimal weight distribution through ideal placement of the battery and motor.

Genesis X Concept

The X Convertible concept lineage can be traced back to the X Concept, a two-door grand tourer that showcased Genesis’ Athletic Elegance design language. The X Speedium Coupe concept, the second car in the trilogy, displayed the brand’s signature Athletic Elegance in an even more progressive way. It also showcased an evolution of the Genesis Crest Grille, which evolved into a lighting signature to signify its electric powertrain. The X Convertible concept takes the X Speedium Coupe concept further up the emotional scale.

VinFast VF 8

The VinFast VF 8 is a 5-seater electric SUV in the D segment with overall length, width, and height dimensions of 4,750 mm x 1,934 mm x 1,667 mm, respectively. Vehicles are equipped with advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), including a series of advanced features that will be added and updated regularly, such as highway assist, automated lane changing assist, smart parking assist, smart summon mode, remote parking assist, and many more. In addition, a suite of Smart Services with integrated in-car entertainment and utility features such as vehicle voice control, remote vehicle management via the VinFast application, online shopping, playing video games on the car screen that sync passenger phones, and much more to bring an immersive experience to users.

Toyota Crown

With a striking debut, Toyota is reimagining the full-size sedan with the all-new 2023 Toyota Crown. Built to deliver an intuitive driving experience, this new premium sedan brings powerful acceleration and confident handling, along with supreme comfort for a sophisticated ride, all wrapped in a bold new design. It is also the first Toyota sedan to offer the HYBRID MAX System, Toyota’s performance hybrid with power that drivers will feel.

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