Orange EV Electrifies Growth with New HQ and Production Boom

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Orange EV, the leading manufacturer of heavy-duty electric trucks, celebrated the grand opening of its new 440,000 sq ft headquarters and production facility on January 26th. This expansion reflects the company’s rapid growth and positions them to meet surging demand for sustainable transportation solutions.

Key Takeaways:

  • New facility boasts 8x the space, increasing production capacity to 2,000+ trucks per year.
  • $37 million investment creates 185 new jobs in Kansas City.
  • Orange EV holds the largest fleet of deployed heavy-duty electric trucks in the US.
  • Trucks offer 90% fuel savings, higher uptime, and improved driver experience.

From Humble Beginnings to Industry Leader:

Founded in 2012, Orange EV has grown exponentially, outgrowing their facilities 3 times before settling in their expansive new home. This growth mirrors the broader transportation industry’s embrace of electric vehicles, driven by numerous benefits.

  • Significant fuel savings: Electric trucks cost a fraction to operate compared to diesel, with average savings of 90%.
  • Increased uptime: Orange EV trucks boast an impressive 98% uptime compared to 75% for diesel counterparts.
  • Improved driver experience: Smoother, quieter operation, comfortable climate control, and regenerative braking enhance driver experience and safety.

Leading the Charge in Electric Yard Trucks:

Orange EV currently holds the title of having the largest fleet of deployed heavy-duty electric trucks in the US. Their e-TRIEVER model dominates the yard truck segment, which CALSTART reports is transitioning fastest to electric. Beyond yard trucks, the new HUSK-e model tackles demanding port and rail operations, offering impressive towing capacity and speed.

Customer-Centric Approach Drives Success:

Orange EV attributes their success to a core focus on customer needs. They offer a turnkey solution, eliminating intermediaries and providing direct sales, service, and training. This streamlined approach translates to faster truck and charger delivery (around 90 days) and quicker issue resolution through dedicated mobile service teams.

Future Outlook:

With increased production capacity and continued focus on customer needs, Orange EV is poised to solidify its leadership in the heavy-duty electric truck market. As environmental concerns and economic advantages gain traction, Orange EV is at the forefront of electrifying the future of transportation.

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