Pebble Unveils the Pebble Flow, All-Electric Travel Trailer

Pebble, the California-based startup, has announced the launch of its flagship product: the Pebble Flow. This all-electric travel trailer is designed to revolutionize the RVing experience by merging sustainability with advanced technology. The debut is slated for the LA Auto Show in November.

Why It Matters

The RV industry is experiencing a shift towards sustainability and innovation. With veterans from Apple, Tesla, and Volvo behind its creation, the Pebble Flow stands out as the epitome of this transition. It’s not just about traveling; it’s about living, working, and exploring from any corner of the world seamlessly.

Key Points

  • Eco-friendly Design: The Pebble Flow is powered entirely by electricity, promoting a sustainable future.
  • Battery & Charging:
    • 45 kWh LFP battery: Powers all trailer appliances.
    • Universal Charging: Various charging methods, including public stations, solar charging, and regenerative charging.
    • 1kW Integrated Solar: Continuous self-charging on the move.
    • Emergency Battery: Acts as a backup power source when parked.
  • RVing Simplified:
    • Easy Tow: Dual-motor Active Propulsion Assist System for effortless towing.
    • Magic Hitch: Automated hitching to the towing vehicle.
    • InstaCamp: One-button setup for camping, includes awning, stairs, and stabilizers.
    • Remote Control: Allows for easy parking and maneuvering after unhitching.
    • All features accessible via the Pebble app.
  • Modern Design for Everyday Living:
    • Room Flip: Transforms from a sleeping space for 4 to a workspace.
    • Aerodynamic Structure: Enhances aesthetics and ensures better mileage.
    • A Chef’s Kitchen: Comes with an induction cooktop, microwave, and fridge.
    • Connectivity: Ready for Starlink, controlled by the Pebble app.
    • Wrap-Around Windows: Offers a panoramic view.

Bottom Line

The Pebble Flow is not just another RV; it’s the future of RVing. Merging the best of technology with the needs of the modern nomad, it simplifies the complexities of traditional RVing. Starting at $109,000 with pre-orders open now, the Pebble Flow is expected to be on the roads by the end of 2024. Engage with the Pebble community for more insights and updates.


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