PoGo Charge’s Ultra-Rapid Expansion

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PoGo Charge, the UK’s rapidly growing electric vehicle (EV) Charge Point Operator (CPO), has celebrated a landmark year of expansive growth and strategic partnerships. The company has impressively installed 248 EV charging points in the past three months alone, marking a significant milestone in its development.

Key Highlights:

  • Rapid Growth: Expansion of team by 90%, reaching 44 full-time equivalents (FTEs).
  • Strategic Partnerships: Collaborations with London and Cambridge Properties (LCP) and Kew Green Hotels to deploy over 1,000 ultra-rapid charging points by year’s end.
  • Future Ambitions: Aims to establish 4,000 ultra-rapid charging points by 2027.
  • Innovative Partnerships and Certifications: Notable agreements with LCP for 658 charging points and Kew Green Hotels for 400 points, alongside becoming a Zapmap Live date partner and achieving ChargeSafe Certification.

PoGo’s journey over the past year has not just been about expanding its physical infrastructure but also about strengthening its operational capabilities and forging key industry partnerships. With a significant increase in its team size and the establishment of major partnerships, PoGo is on track to achieve its goal of deploying more than 1,000 ultra-rapid charging points by the end of the year, moving towards a broader vision of creating a network of 4,000 points by 2027.

Stuart Douglas, PoGo Charge’s Managing Director, emphasized the company’s solid foundation and future focus. “The focus for 2024 will be on continued expansion, leveraging data insights, and developing our site evaluation models,” Douglas stated, highlighting the importance of a customer-centric approach and the drive to set new accessibility benchmarks.

The past year also saw PoGo secure major partnership agreements, notably with LCP for 658 ultra-rapid DC charging points across various strategic retail developments and with Kew Green Hotels for 400 charging points at hotel brands including Holiday Inn and Marriott. These achievements have positioned PoGo as a key player in the UK’s EV charging sector.

Furthermore, PoGo’s integration with Zapmap and Octopus Electroverse enhances the visibility and accessibility of its charging points for EV drivers, demonstrating a commitment to customer convenience and safety.

“We are deploying EV charging faster than ever,” Douglas remarked, expressing optimism about the future and the positive reception from landlords recognizing the value of EV charging in achieving sustainable and net-zero goals.

PoGo Charge’s rapid expansion, strategic partnerships, and commitment to innovation and safety underscore its position as a leading force in the UK’s transition to electric mobility.

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