Porsche Unveils First Sustainable Fast-Charging Lounge

Porsche has opened its first Porsche Charging Lounge located near Bingen am Rhein, marking a significant step forward in the luxury automaker’s electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure plan. Conveniently positioned just two minutes from the A60/A61 motorway junction, the Lounge is equipped with six 300-kW DC fast-charging stations and four 22-kW AC charging points. As part of the plan, more such Lounges are scheduled for launch in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Why It Matters

This move underlines Porsche’s commitment to providing an enhanced charging experience to its EV drivers. Accessible round the clock and situated close to high-traffic routes, the Lounges cater to Porsche drivers’ needs during long-distance travel. The 300 kW fast-charging stations, built by Alpitronic, can be upgraded for higher speeds and are set to deliver 400 kW per charging point by next year. All power used for charging comes from certified renewable sources, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

Key Points

  • The Porsche Charging Lounges support all Porsche electric and plug-in hybrid models.
  • Lounge amenities include modern sanitary facilities, refreshments, and digital entertainment.
  • The Lounge is energy efficient, featuring a photovoltaic system for solar energy and digital building management for power optimization.
  • Lounge access and billing are centralized via the Porsche Charging Service.
  • Pricing is competitive, with rates as low as 33 cents per kilowatt-hour.

Bottom Line

The establishment of the Porsche Charging Lounges represents a significant addition to the fast-charging network by a premium automaker. With a goal of delivering over 80% all-electric cars by 2030, the company is paving the way for a sustainable, convenient, and advanced charging experience for its drivers. The Lounges are more than just charging stations; they are designed to provide a comfortable and pleasant environment while promoting sustainability and energy efficiency.

About the Porsche Charging Service

Porsche’s investments in EV infrastructure go beyond the new Lounges. The Porsche Charging Service offers access to over 436,000 charging points worldwide. This includes nearly 25,300 high-capacity charging points and over 500 fast-charging sites through the IONITY network. The network is set to grow even further, with over 1,000 high-performance charging points already in operation at dealerships worldwide and more expected by 2025. The automaker is also expanding its AC charging infrastructure, with over 5,000 Porsche Destination Charging points in 86 countries, set to exceed 7,500 by 2025.


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