PowerCo and Umicore Launch “IONWAY” Partnership

PowerCo, backed by the Volkswagen Group, and Umicore have unveiled their groundbreaking collaboration, launching a Brussels-based joint venture named IONWAY. This strategic alliance aims to lead large-scale industrial production of CAM and pCAM in Europe, targeting an impressive annual production capacity of 160 GWh by the end of the decade. This production is equivalent to the needs of approximately 2.2 million battery-electric vehicles.

Why It Matters

The establishment of IONWAY marks a pivotal partnership between a European car manufacturer and a global leader in CAM production. Their united vision emphasizes producing sustainable battery materials essential for the EV transition and a future with zero emissions. By joining forces, both parent companies demonstrate a profound commitment to bolstering the EU’s e-mobility presence through the creation of transparent, regional, and sustainable battery supply chains.

Key Points

  • Supply Chain Benefits: IONWAY will predominantly cater to PowerCo’s European battery cell factories, fulfilling a significant chunk of its EU demand. Concurrently, Umicore will gain secured access to a substantial portion of Europe’s demand for EV cathode materials.
  • Strategic Importance: Cathode active materials stand out as a pivotal technology for battery performance, directly influencing the battery’s cost, carbon footprint, and overall value.
  • Unified Vision: Both companies strive to harness their collective resources and expertise, seeking to expedite the transition to sustainable e-mobility.

Bottom Line

IONWAY symbolizes more than just a partnership; it encapsulates a shared mission to lead the transition toward clean electric mobility. Their joint venture benefits from the robust backing of both PowerCo and Umicore, giants in their respective domains. The logo, featuring connecting circles in the small-cap “i”, illustrates the intertwined destinies of both companies. This collaboration, summarized by the tagline “Synergy for Energy”, reinforces their commitment to making the energy transition a reality, ushering in an era of innovative, affordable, and sustainable electric mobility.


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