Purolator Announces $1 Billion Investment to Electrify Canadian Network

What’s Happening: Purolator, a Canadian courier company, has announced its plan to invest approximately $1 billion over the next seven years to electrify its Canadian network. This includes purchasing more than 3,500 fully electric last-mile delivery vehicles and electrifying over 60 terminals across Canada.

Why It Matters: Purolator’s commitment to environmental sustainability and the electrification of its fleet is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent in 2030. This investment also marks the largest network investment in Purolator’s 63-year history, with over $100 million to be invested in 2023 alone.

Purolator announces $1 billion investment to electrify Canadian network

Key Points:

  • Purolator expects to add over 100 all-electric vehicles to its fleet this year and an additional 150 in 2024, including Ford E-Transitâ„¢, Motiv Power Systems EPIC4, and BrightDrop Zevo 600 models.
  • The company will achieve its 2030 science-based goal to reduce Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHG emissions by 42% and reach net-zero emissions by 2050 through the electrification of 60% of its last-mile delivery vehicles and investing in alternative fuels and low-carbon technologies.
  • Purolator has a history of sustainability efforts, including introducing over 500 hybrid-electric vehicles into its fleet in 2005, piloting all-electric vehicles with e-bikes and low-speed vehicles in 2020, and introducing Urban Quick Stop mini hubs in several urban centers across Canada in 2022.

Bottom Line: Purolator’s $1 billion investment to electrify its Canadian network is a significant step towards achieving its environmental sustainability goals and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. With over 3,500 fully electric delivery vehicles and more than 60 terminals set to be electrified, Purolator is committed to being the greenest courier company in Canada.


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