REE Nears Crucial Certification for Electric Trucks

REE Automotive Ltd., a technology leader in electric commercial vehicles, revealed a significant milestone in its quest to introduce a fully “by-wire” commercial truck. The company has completed a series of joint tests with HORIBA-MIRA, a globally recognized testing organization, confirming the feasibility of REE’s x-by-wire vehicle control system to meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) certification requirements.

Why It Matters

Achieving FMVSS certification is crucial for REE’s long-term plans, as it is a necessary step for entering the U.S. automotive market with its Powered by REE P7 electric truck lineup. Moreover, securing this certification aligns with the company’s previously announced schedule for rolling out vehicles eligible for U.S. government incentives.

REE Nears Crucial Certification for Electric Trucks

Key Points

  • The internal tests conducted by HORIBA-MIRA effectively demonstrated that REE’s x-by-wire system could meet FMVSS certification benchmarks.
  • REE aims to gain full certifications for its P7-C Chassis Cab and P7-S Stripped Chassis by the end of 2023, including FMVSS, CARB (California Air Resources Board), and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certifications.
  • Both P7 models employ REEcornerâ„¢ technology, full by-wire steering, braking, and drive control system.
  • The testing occurred at HORIBA-MIRA’s state-of-the-art testing facility in Coventry, UK.

Bottom Line

The success of these joint tests marks a pivotal moment for REE as it paves the way for the certification of its innovative electric truck lineup. Ahishay Sardes, co-founder and CTO of REE, stated, “This milestone is important as we set out to be the first to certify a fully by-wire system.” The company remains confident that its P7 models will complete the FMVSS certification process, aligning with its goal of delivering incentive-eligible vehicles in the United States.


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