Rivian Embraces Tesla Supercharger Network & North American Charging Standard, Boosting EV Adoption

Rivian amplifies its commitment to electrification by adopting the North American Charging Standard and collaborating with Tesla for Supercharger access, strengthening the EV infrastructure and boosting EV adoption.

What’s Happening

Rivian Automotive, Inc. announced a significant step forward in its mission to electrify the transportation sector on June 20, 2023. The Irvine, California-based automaker has entered into a game-changing agreement with Tesla that will enable Rivian drivers to access the extensive Tesla Supercharger network across the U.S and Canada from 2024. Additionally, Rivian will adopt the North American Charging Standard (NACS) in their R1 vehicles from 2025 and the forthcoming R2 platform.

Why It Matters

This unprecedented move underlines Rivian’s commitment to decarbonize transportation, a sector responsible for over a quarter of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. The adoption of NACS charge ports and the access to Tesla’s Supercharger network will empower Rivian’s drivers with more charging options, thus encouraging the widespread use of electric vehicles. Rivian’s commitment to expanding its own Rivian Adventure Network only reinforces this ambition.

Key Points

Rivian’s award-winning R1T and R1S vehicles will be compatible with Tesla’s Supercharger network from 2024, courtesy of an upcoming adapter. In an industry-first move, Rivian will integrate NACS charge ports into its future R1 vehicles from 2025 onwards, as well as in the impending R2 platform. Commenting on this collaboration, Rebecca Tinucci, Tesla’s Senior Director of Charging Infrastructure, praised the joint effort to provide EV drivers with user-friendly and reliable charging options.

Bottom Line

RJ Scaringe, Rivian’s Founder and CEO, emphasizes that this strategic partnership with Tesla will bolster their ongoing efforts to combat climate change. By leveraging Tesla’s expansive Supercharger network, Rivian seeks to expedite the global shift towards carbon neutrality. This step forward reflects Rivian’s commitment to making EV adoption more accessible and seamless for their current and future customers, while concurrently expanding their own Rivian Adventure Network.


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