Rivian Reinforces EV Journey Planning with Iternio’s “A Better Routeplanner” Acquisition

Rivian expands its EV technology portfolio with the acquisition of Iternio’s “A Better Routeplanner”, revolutionizing trip planning experience for Rivian owners and all EV drivers alike.

What’s Happening

Rivian Automotive, Inc. has publicly unveiled its strategic acquisition of Iternio, a Swedish-based company known for developing the highly recognized EV trip planning application, ‘A Better Routeplanner’ (ABRP). A trailblazer in its field, ABRP boasts a strong following of EV enthusiasts across Europe and North America, offering innovative solutions for planning and comparing travel routes along with charging station options.

Why It Matters

The Rivian-Iternio partnership is set to propel the user experience for EV drivers. Both companies aim to refine and enhance ABRP as a standalone application, while concurrently incorporating its cutting-edge technology into Rivian’s onboard navigation system and its recently launched mobile application-based trip planning feature. This acquisition signifies a landmark move towards a more unified and efficient EV navigation ecosystem.

Key Points

Rivian’s trip planning system will be amplified by ABRP’s capabilities, paving the way for Rivian owners to chart their travels seamlessly. Not only does this step enhance Rivian’s in-vehicle navigation, but it also brings forth a new feature, allowing users to curate their trips using the Rivian mobile app from the comfort of their homes. Additionally, the upcoming integration of ABRP will enable users to customize their trip preferences including charging networks and range upon arrival.

RJ Scaringe, Founder and CEO of Rivian, remarked on the acquisition, highlighting the importance of ABRP as a key driver in promoting EV adoption. Wassym Bensaid, Senior Vice President of Software Development at Rivian, applauded Iternio’s team for their commitment to sustainability and the quality of the ABRP routing algorithm. Bo Lincoln, CEO and Co-Founder of Iternio, expressed his excitement about the partnership, affirming the continued focus on facilitating optimal EV trip planning.

Bottom Line

Rivian’s acquisition of Iternio and its acclaimed ABRP app signal an industry-leading shift in EV trip planning. By integrating this technology into Rivian’s in-vehicle and mobile app navigation systems, Rivian is set to further revolutionize the EV travel experience, fostering confidence among EV drivers and inspiring them to explore new horizons. This strategic move also underlines Rivian’s unwavering commitment to elevating EV adoption and enhancing the overall user experience.


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