Rove to Build Six Premium EV Charging Centers in Southern California

What’s Happening: Rove, an electric vehicle (EV) charging center developer, has announced plans to construct six full-service charging locations in Southern California, starting in 2023. Rove aims to set a new standard in EV charging by offering a premium, customer-centric experience with a focus on fast, smart, and reliable charging.

Why It Matters: The growth of electric vehicles requires an expansion of charging infrastructure to support their widespread adoption. By providing a premium, customer-focused experience, Rove is making it easier and more convenient for drivers to transition to electric vehicles, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable future.

Key Points:

  • Each Rove charging center will feature 40 ultra-fast, direct-current fast chargers (DCFC) capable of reaching speeds up to 350 kW, allowing for a full charge in as little as 15 minutes.
  • Rove’s charging centers will offer a full-service experience, including a market with all-natural and organic meals and grocery options, car wash, pristine restrooms, free Wi-Fi, lounge, and patio.
  • Rove is dedicated to environmental sustainability and will integrate onsite solar panels and battery storage at its charging centers, supplementing grid electricity during peak times and promoting more sustainable energy use.
  • Rove’s CEO, Nathan McDonnell, emphasizes the company’s commitment to providing fast charging, clean amenities, and onsite support while prioritizing the customer experience.
  • Newlight Partners, a private investment firm that initially invested in Rove in 2021, has praised the company for reimagining the EV charging experience and supporting the transition to clean and renewable energy.

Bottom Line: Rove’s plans to build six premium EV charging centers in Southern California signal a significant step forward in the development of the charging infrastructure necessary to support the growing number of electric vehicles on the road. By offering a fast, customer-centric experience, Rove aims to encourage wider adoption of electric vehicles and contribute to a more sustainable transportation future. The company has plans to open a total of 20 locations by 2026, starting with centers in Corona, Santa Ana, and Costa Mesa, California.


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