Scania Expands Electric Truck Range

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Scania broadens its BEV lineup, offering innovative electric truck solutions suitable for a wide array of applications. By introducing more electric machines, diverse axle configurations, and various cab designs, Scania caters to the growing demand for environmentally friendly transportation. These advancements promise enhanced performance, sustainability, and are tailored to meet the specific needs of haulers and transporters in distribution or construction-related operations.

Key Highlights:

  • Extended Electric Vehicle Range: Scania now offers electric trucks with ranges up to 520 km, suitable for 29-tonne vehicles.
  • Innovative Battery Technology: The trucks feature green batteries designed for optimal efficiency and longevity, supporting the truck throughout its entire lifespan.
  • Advanced Electric Machines: Introduction of two new electric machine versions, 210 kW and 240 kW, ideal for construction and urban operations.
  • Enhanced Traction and Load Capacity: New 6×4 bogie axle configurations provide extra traction without sacrificing load capacity.
  • Comprehensive Electrification Solutions: Scania’s offerings now include a variety of power take-off solutions for additional operational capabilities.
Scania Expands Electric Truck Range

Fredrik Allard, Scania’s Senior Vice President, and Head of E-mobility, highlights the positive feedback from customers and the love drivers have for their electric trucks. He emphasizes the importance of adapting to customer needs and continuously enhancing the truck offerings.

The electric machines introduced, particularly the EM C1-2, are noted for their suitability in diverse applications, providing a balance of low weight, high power, and smooth delivery. This makes them ideal for urban environments and a variety of other settings.

Scania also addresses the challenges and misconceptions around electric vehicle charging, offering guidance to customers on setting up efficient charging solutions. Moreover, the focus on developing robust power take-off solutions underscores Scania’s commitment to versatility in electric truck functions.

Green and efficient batteries are a cornerstone of Scania’s electric trucks, with a notable lifespan of 1.3 million kilometres and a reduced carbon footprint thanks to the production process involving fossil-free electricity in northern Sweden.

Allard concludes by stressing the inevitable shift towards electrification in the industry, driven by legislative demands, environmental consciousness, and the preferences of transport operators and drivers alike.

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