Schneider Expands Electric Fleet in Southern California

Schneider National Inc., a leading provider of transportation, intermodal, and logistics services, has announced integrating two Lonestar Specialty Vehicles battery-electric terminal tractors into its fleet in southern California. This move raises Schneider’s electric vehicle count to 94.

Why It Matters

This initiative underlines Schneider’s dedication to sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. Transitioning from diesel to electric vehicles is pivotal, illustrating the transportation industry’s shift towards greener practices.

Key Points

  • Schneider’s new additions are the Lonestar S22 terminal electric tractors, colloquially called yard spotters.
  • These vehicles are stationed at the cross-dock at Schneider’s Rancho Cucamonga, CA, replacing two previous diesel tractors.
  • Each electric tractor can operate continuously for 24 hours and only requires approximately an hour and a half to attain a full charge.
  • Schneider’s VP of Equipment Engineering, Jake VandeLoo, emphasized the significance of this transition, highlighting its role in the company’s pursuit of operating entirely on zero-emission vehicles.
  • Implementing these electric tractors will save about 35 tons of CO2 emissions per vehicle annually.
  • Lonestar’s President, Jay Simmons, acknowledged the challenges of scaling an electric fleet but commended the company’s California deployment and affirmed their commitment to support Schneider’s sustainability aspirations.

Bottom Line

Schneider’s alliance with Lonestar amplifies its commitment to long-term sustainability and strengthens its position in the transportation industry. Their current electric fleet, one of the most expansive in North America, signifies a promising trajectory for the company and the environmental future of the industry.


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