Scout Motors’ New Era in South Carolina

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Scout Motors Inc., a company dedicated to designing the next wave of all-electric trucks and SUVs, has officially commenced construction on its Production Center in Blythewood, South Carolina. This significant move marks a pivotal step in the company’s journey towards redefining the future of electric mobility and reinforcing the American automotive industry’s resilience.

In the words of Scout Motors President and CEO, Scott Keogh, “Today is less about construction and a building and more about a calling and a community.” He emphasized the company’s mission to revive an American legacy and bring manufacturing jobs back to U.S. soil. The groundbreaking event celebrated Scout’s rich history and its ambitious vision for the future, showcasing original vehicles and providing a glimpse into the state-of-the-art Production Center through 3D models and virtual presentations.

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster highlighted the project’s significance, noting, “Today’s groundbreaking marks another milestone for Scout Motors and the entire state as we continue to move forward with this project that will supercharge the Midlands’ economy.” The initiative is applauded for its commitment to innovation and its potential to drive economic growth in the region.

The Production Center, sprawling across approximately 1,600 acres with the plant covering 1,100 acres, enjoys a strategic location near Columbia, offering unparalleled connectivity to major highways, ports, and educational institutions. This advantageous positioning is expected to bolster Scout Motors’ operations and foster ties with talent hubs across the Southeast.

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Aiming for a production kickoff by the end of 2026, Scout Motors plans to produce 200,000 vehicles annually at peak capacity, translating to 40 vehicles per hour. The venture into electric trucks and SUVs is grounded in a commitment to sustainability, performance, and digital innovation, ensuring these vehicles meet the demands of modern drivers while honoring the Scout legacy.

With nearly 350 employees already on board and ongoing recruitment, Scout Motors is gearing up for a future where electric vehicles play a central role in both adventure and everyday life. The company stands on the precipice of a new era, ready to blend tradition with technology and keep the spirit of the original Scout alive through its all-electric successors.

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