Skyworks Speeds Up Electric Vehicle Charging

Next-Generation Si89xx Product Family Supports Infrastructure Expansion

LAS VEGAS – Skyworks Solutions, Inc. announced the availability of its next-generation Si89xx isolated analog amplifiers, voltage sensors, and delta-sigma modulator (DSM) devices to improve charging times for electric vehicles (EVs). Skyworks’ new family, which includes Si8921, Si893x, and Si894x, will help shorten EVs’ recharge time. This latest product line also offers broader industry applications and improvements for solar inverters and wireless charging.

“Built upon three generations of digital isolation technology, these solutions are engineered to be key enablers in the industry’s shift to vehicle electrification,” said Brian Mirkin, vice president and general manager of power products at Skyworks. “Skyworks is using its deep industry knowledge to support the infrastructure needed by the rapidly evolving EV industry. The Si89xx family is designed to provide an accurate, precise measurement of current and voltage, which allows for accelerated electric automotive charging.”

The steadily growing popularity of EVs amongst consumers has created a market approaching $400 billion, according to data from Statista1. This recent move to electrification has increased the demand for charging infrastructure and is driving more efficient and effective power transfer solutions for modern EVs.

Skyworks’ new Si89xx products provide accurate, precise measurement readings of the current and voltage involved in the operation of power control systems, including 75 kV/µs immunity to fast transients and accuracy over temperature. This minimizes loss of power and inherently makes the system more efficient, allowing charging devices to transfer power more swiftly. This increased functionality enables charging improvements for the EV industry and industrial applications across different markets, including wireless infrastructure, data centers, and wired communications. As the telecommunications industry shifts toward standalone 5G networks and fixed wireless access, there is an increased emphasis on power management’s importance. Accurate current and voltage measurement in telecom power supply equipment increases efficiency and allows for detailed monitoring, reducing cost, less downtime, and improved system management.


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