Stellantis Unveils Free2move Charge

Stellantis’ launch of Free2move Charge aims to redefine electric vehicle (EV) charging. Discover how this innovative ecosystem will streamline EV charging for consumers and businesses.

What’s Happening

Stellantis has announced the launch of Free2move Charge, a comprehensive ecosystem aimed at simplifying and optimizing the electric vehicle charging process. The launch marks the inauguration of the Stellantis Charging & Energy Business Unit’s inaugural product and service suite, demonstrating its commitment to a robust electrification strategy.

Why It Matters

As mainstream EV adoption gains momentum, seamless charging solutions become critical to overcome consumer anxieties. Free2move Charge is designed to meet EV customer needs in all locations – at home, at work, and on the move. Stellantis, through this initiative, is elevating its role from a mobility provider to a comprehensive EV solutions provider, embodying its electrification strategy.

Key Points

Under the stewardship of Senior Vice President Ricardo Stamatti, the Stellantis Charging & Energy Business Unit aims to deliver on the e-ABC Promise, an acronym for easy to Always Be Charged. The ecosystem will operate on three distinct pillars:

  1. Free2move Charge Home will offer personalized charging solutions for individual customers, from installation to maintenance and innovative options like Vehicle-2-Home and Vehicle-2-Grid.
  2. Free2move Charge Business offers businesses a full suite of energy services, including cost estimation, infrastructure development, installation, maintenance, and public charging access.
  3. Free2move Charge GO ensures easy access to a vast network of public charging stations, offering features like reservations, loyalty programs, and single-invoice billing.

Bottom Line

Free2move Charge is pivotal to Stellantis’ Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan. By removing barriers to EV ownership, including “charging anxiety”, Stellantis hopes to reach a 100% passenger-car EV sales mix in Europe and a 50% mix in the United States by 2030. This step signifies a significant leap forward in realizing Stellantis’ vision for a more sustainable and electrified future.


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