StoreDot’s Fast-Charging Battery Aces Global Tests

StoreDot, a trailblazer in high energy XFC battery solutions for electric vehicles, announces promising results from its first phase of A-Samples evaluation with leading global automotive manufacturers. This game-changing technology could revolutionize the electric vehicle industry.

What’s Happening

StoreDot has successfully completed the initial evaluation and integration testing phase for its XFC battery cells. Testing began earlier this year with 15 leading automotive brand manufacturers from Europe, Asia, and the US, as well as crucial ecosystem partners. The results have exceeded expectations, leading some original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to progress to B-Sample programs tailored to their specific requirements.

Why It Matters

StoreDot’s cutting-edge XFC technology has the potential to transform the electric vehicle industry by drastically reducing charging times and improving energy density. The feedback from completed tests has been overwhelmingly positive, surpassing StoreDot’s target specifications and reaffirming the value of XFC technology. It’s a vital step forward in eliminating range and charging anxiety for electric vehicle owners, while empowering OEMs to design EVs with smaller, more efficient battery packs.

Key Points

The testing programs aimed to replicate StoreDot’s unique XFC specifications based on its partners’ use cases and test procedures. OEMs and partners achieved an energy density greater than 300Wh/kg at a charging rate higher than 4C, surpassing 1000 consecutive XFC charging cycles. StoreDot’s COO, Amir Tirosh, expressed immense confidence in their XFC technology, highlighting the battery cell’s ability to charge from 10%-80% in just 10 minutes as a game-changer for the entire industry.

Bottom Line

StoreDot remains committed to its network of strategic global partnerships, with investments from major automotive manufacturers like Daimler, Ola Electric, Polestar, VinFast, and Volvo Cars. The company’s ambitious ‘100inX’ technology roadmap aims to deliver the ‘100in5’ milestone—delivering at least 100 miles of range in just 5 minutes of charging—by 2024. This technology sets the stage for an era of electric vehicles that can charge in mere minutes, significantly enhancing the viability and consumer appeal of electric vehicles.


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