The BMW iX Flow Featuring E Ink at BMW Welt

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the BMW Group presented the BMW iX Flow featuring E Ink – a unique technology that enables the exterior to change color. From now until mid-March, visitors to the BMW Welt have the opportunity to view the spectacular vehicle in the recently opened BMW i exhibition.

What is the technology behind the color change and what is the added value?

The special paint finish works in a similar way to the technology in e-book readers. A special body foiling integrates several million color capsules. Negatively charged white or positively charged black pigments are stimulated by electrical signals and collect on the surface and in this way change the exterior color. “In this way, we give drivers the freedom to express different sides of their personality to the outside world and redefine them on every journey,” says Stella Clarke, Project Head of BMW iX Flow featuring E Ink. With the ability to change the exterior color and to display different patterns, the BMW iX Flow featuring E Ink opens up new worlds for an individual driving experience. But the technology also offers numerous potential areas of application beyond the customer experience, for example, to improve energy efficiency. The electrophoretic paint in the BMW iX Flow featuring E Ink differs from displays in that it does not constantly consume energy. Only when switching over is electricity very briefly required. The matching exterior color actually improves the energy efficiency of the vehicle. A white surface will reflect sunlight significantly more than a black one, meaning the interior heats up less. Changing the color thus reduces energy consumption. The color change in the all-electric BMW iX not only boosts the mood of the passengers, but also the vehicle’s range.


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