Toyota Expands with $1.3 Billion in Kentucky for EVs

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Toyota has unveiled a $1.3 billion investment in its Georgetown, Kentucky, facility to start the assembly of a new, three-row battery electric SUV targeted at the U.S. market. This move marks a significant step in Toyota’s electrification efforts and boosts the plant’s total investment to nearly $10 billion, highlighting the company’s dedication to sustainable mobility and job stability in the U.S.

Set to enhance Toyota Kentucky’s capabilities, this funding will introduce the assembly of an innovative, three-row battery electric SUV specifically for the U.S. market. This expansion elevates the plant’s total investment close to the $10 billion mark, a testament to Toyota’s long-term strategy in North America.

A notable addition through this investment is a battery pack assembly line, sourcing batteries from Toyota Battery Manufacturing North Carolina. This move is aligned with Toyota’s broader vision for electrification and sustainability within its operations.

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear lauded Toyota’s ongoing investments, highlighting their pivotal role in elevating the state’s economic and employment landscape. Toyota’s commitment, evidenced by a $1 billion-plus investment, garners appreciation for its impactful presence in Kentucky since 1986.

Toyota Kentucky, a cornerstone of Toyota’s North American operations, has been instrumental in assembling iconic models such as the Camry, America’s top-selling passenger car for 22 years. The facility’s nearly 9,400 team members represent the backbone of Toyota’s success and innovation in the region.

Kerry Creech, president of Toyota Kentucky, emphasized the investment as a reflection of Toyota’s dedication to U.S. operations and vehicle electrification. The initiative is seen as a step forward in ensuring Toyota’s leadership in the transition to electric vehicles, prioritizing both technological advancement and the well-being of its workforce.

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Toyota’s focus extends beyond manufacturing to include significant contributions to community development, particularly in education and workforce training. With over $154 million in local donations and support for 48 educational initiatives in 2023, Toyota is laying the groundwork for a sustainable future in Kentucky and beyond.

Employees like Chris Cohelia, with 26 years at Toyota Kentucky, see this investment as a reaffirmation of Toyota’s commitment to its workforce. The introduction of BEV assembly in North America is not just a milestone for Toyota but also an exciting development for its employees, promising job stability, competitive pay, and growth opportunities.

With a history of over $17 billion in new U.S. investments since 2021, Toyota is accelerating its electrification efforts, aiming to localize BEV assembly and enhance its portfolio of electrified options. As Toyota prepares to further its legacy in North America, its commitment to sustainable mobility and community development remains at the forefront of its business strategy.

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