Toyota Unveils Hilux Hybrid 48V

Toyota has expanded its Hilux lineup with the introduction of the Hilux Hybrid 48V, marking the first time electrification has been integrated into this iconic pick-up range. Slated for a mid-2024 launch in Europe, this new model promises enhanced efficiency, superior driving performance, and improved comfort for both urban and off-road settings.

Why It Matters

The addition of the 48V hybrid system to the Hilux range is a significant step in Toyota’s journey towards carbon neutrality. It reflects Toyota’s commitment to offering a variety of affordable, practical options to meet the diverse needs of customers, including those requiring commercial and off-road vehicles.

Key Points

  • Performance: The Hilux Hybrid 48V features a robust 2.8-liter diesel engine complemented by a 48V hybrid system, enhancing acceleration and efficiency while maintaining the vehicle’s famed durability.
  • Design: Retaining the classic Hilux look, the Hybrid 48V model sports a bold grille and spacious interior with advanced safety and infotainment systems.
  • Efficiency: The hybrid system improves fuel efficiency by up to 5% compared to non-electrified models, particularly beneficial in urban settings with its enhanced stop-start system.
  • Off-road Capability: The model includes a Multi-terrain Select system for improved performance in various off-road conditions and is capable of water crossings up to 700 mm deep.

Bottom Line

The Hilux Hybrid 48V is a testament to Toyota’s innovation in combining rugged durability with modern hybrid technology. It maintains its exceptional towing and payload capacities, ensuring no compromise on the performance expected from the Hilux range. As part of the expanded Toyota Professional lineup, this new Hilux model is poised to continue the legacy of its predecessors, known for conquering challenging terrains globally. The anticipation for its mid-2024 release highlights Toyota’s ongoing commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its diverse customer base in the commercial vehicle sector.


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