U POWER Drives EV Revolution with Plug-and-Play Chassis

CES 2024: U POWER Tech makes a dramatic debut, showcasing its game-changing “UP Super Board” – a modular EV chassis platform poised to disrupt the industry. This plug-and-play technology lets automakers slash development time by 6 months, paving the way for faster, more diverse EV production.

Key Innovations:

  • UP Super Board: The heart of U POWER’s approach, this skateboard chassis integrates crucial EV components like electric propulsion, suspension, and ADAS, allowing automakers to focus on body design.
  • UP VAN: The first vehicle built on the Super Board, this all-electric van boasts impressive payload and range, with deliveries starting in Q2 2024. Over 53,000 orders received globally!
  • “Powered by U POWER” model: It partners with automakers like Olympian Motors and LUMOS EV Inc., providing the Super Board and expertise to accelerate their EV development.

Transforming the EV Landscape:

  • Faster time-to-market: Automakers can bring new EVs to market 6 months quicker, thanks to the Super Board’s modularity and pre-integrated components.
  • Reduced costs: Lower development and production costs translate to more affordable EVs for consumers.
  • Global EV growth: U POWER’s partnerships and “GLOCAL” strategy aim to empower carmakers worldwide, expanding EV options and accelerating industry transformation.

U POWER’s Impact:

  • Founded in 2021, the company has attracted talent from OEMs, startups, and tech giants.
  • Strategic partnerships with Bosch, NVIDIA, and leading investment funds fuel their growth.
  • Committed to integrating the global EV supply chain for efficient and scalable manufacturing.

U POWER’s “plug-and-play” revolution is electrifying the EV industry. Expect to see more diverse, affordable EVs hitting the streets sooner, thanks to this innovative technology.


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