UK: Nissan Redefines Driving with New EV Subscription Service

What’s Happening

Nissan has introduced an innovative, flexible subscription service, named Nissan Subscription, allowing customers to enjoy an effortless, all-inclusive driving experience. The service offers drivers the opportunity to drive an award-winning electrified vehicle from Nissan’s range, all through a seamless online process that provides a choice of contract durations and an all-encompassing monthly payment plan.

Why It Matters

The modernization of auto consumption has brought forth a new generation of motorists who crave digital experiences, flexible options, and a simplified approach to car ownership. The Nissan Subscription is an answer to these evolving needs, offering a fresh perspective on vehicle access. It consolidates the cost of the vehicle, insurance, road tax, servicing, and roadside assistance into a single monthly payment, leaving fuel or charging as the only additional expense for the customer.

Key Points

Nissan Subscription presents options for three electrified models—Nissan Qashqai e-POWER N-Connecta, Nissan LEAF 39kWh Tekna, and Nissan Ariya 87kWh Evolve—at a starting price of £645 per month. Subscriptions can range from three months up to two years, offering the unique advantage of switching between models during the contract period. This ensures maximum flexibility to adapt to changing needs or preferences.

Customers can easily secure the subscription by placing a fully refundable deposit equivalent to one month’s payment. After completing the quick, straightforward online process, the vehicle is delivered to the customer’s doorstep at their preferred time.

Nissan Subscription allows up to 800 miles usage per month as a standard feature. However, mileage can be customized according to individual customer requirements.

Bottom Line

Andrew Humberstone, the Managing Director at Nissan GB, emphasized the brand’s enthusiasm about this new venture. He stated that Nissan Subscription caters to a new type of customer, opening the brand to an entirely new audience. The service encapsulates the digital-first, flexible, and hassle-free experience that the new generation of motorists is seeking. The Nissan Subscription service, run in partnership with Bipi Mobility UK Limited, promises a smooth, one-step solution to the complexities of traditional car ownership.


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