Unplugged Performance Unveils First Tesla Police Car

Unplugged Performance, a leader in enhancing electric vehicles, has debuted its first Tesla police car. The company, known for its aftermarket Tesla enhancements, has taken a giant leap into the world of law enforcement vehicles. Leveraging its comprehensive knowledge of electric cars and advanced technologies, Unplugged Performance has optimized a Tesla Model 3 to serve as an agile and sustainable patrol vehicle.

Why It Matters

This innovation marks a new era for police departments across the globe who seek environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternatives for their fleets. With the acceleration of electric vehicle adoption, this move embodies the broader transition towards green and sustainable practices within public sectors. It also highlights the increasing confidence in the reliability and performance of electric vehicles in more demanding operational contexts like law enforcement.

Key Points

  • The Tesla Model 3, already recognized for its impressive range, performance, and safety, forms the foundation of Unplugged Performance’s police vehicle upfit.
  • The company’s enhancements include rugged wheels, increased ground clearance, and a high-visibility law enforcement lighting package.
  • Unplugged Performance has further equipped the Tesla Model 3 with police-specific modifications such as a prisoner partition, push bumpers, and an array of advanced electronic equipment for law enforcement duties.
  • Unplugged Performance’s Model 3 police car promises to deliver outstanding operational efficiency while significantly reducing the environmental impact and operating costs compared to conventional police vehicles.

Bottom Line

Unplugged Performance’s debut of the Tesla Model 3 police car signifies the potential for more sustainable solutions within law enforcement agencies. This announcement not only underscores the company’s innovation and prowess in electric vehicle enhancement but also reflects the broader trend towards a more sustainable future. The tangible benefits, including lower operational costs and a reduced carbon footprint, are game-changers for the law enforcement sector, potentially inspiring other public sectors to adopt similar green practices.


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