Upgraded 2024MY Enyaq Unveiled

The 2024 model year Enyaq from Škoda is receiving a substantial update, featuring engineering, design, and specification enhancements that promise to deliver more performance, faster charging, higher equipment levels, and a lengthier driving range. The modified and refreshed all-electric SUV model is now available for order from 31 October 2023, positioning the Enyaq as a robust competitor in the all-electric SUV sector.

Why It Matters

These enhancements in the Enyaq’s design and engineering not only serve to boost its performance metrics across the range but also fortify its standing in the competitive electric vehicle (EV) market. By focusing on key aspects such as power output, charging speed, and driving range, Škoda aims to cater to the prevailing consumer demands for efficient and powerful electric vehicles, thereby strengthening its market position.

Key Points

  • Extended Driving Range: Every 2024 Enyaq model sees an improved driving range thanks to adjustments in the vehicle’s battery and energy management software. The Enyaq Coupé vRS witnesses the largest boost, with a 16-mile range increase and a new WLTP range figure of up to 340 miles.
  • Power Output Uplift: The new Enyaq 85 and 85x models now generate 286 PS as standard, representing an 82 PS and 21 PS increase over their predecessors, respectively. The vRS model, now equipped with dual motors, sees a 41 PS power boost, allowing it to accelerate from 0-62 mph in 5.5 seconds.
  • Faster Charging: The 85x and vRS models, through a 40 kW speed boost, now possess a maximum charging capacity of 175 kW at suitable rapid DC charge points, enabling a 10-80% charge in roughly 29 minutes.
  • Enhanced Infotainment: The infotainment and display system have undergone further refinements, adopting Škoda’s new corporate identity and delivering easier navigation and clearer, simplified operation.

Bottom Line

The 2024MY Enyaq is Škoda’s bold step forward in optimizing electric mobility, ensuring that it stays prominent and competitive in the burgeoning EV market. By enhancing key aspects such as range, power, charging speed, and user interface, the brand is evidently prioritizing a harmonious blend of performance and user experience. With a keen eye on delivering value, the new trims, Enyaq 60 Edition and Enyaq 85 Edition, offer a wealth of features with only a slight premium, ensuring the new Enyaq is not just performance-oriented but also financially astute. Furthermore, with all-wheel drive offered as standard on the SportLine Plus trim, and the incorporation of numerous features into various models in the new Enyaq range, Škoda is evidently aligning its offering to cater to a spectrum of customer preferences in the EV segment. Thus, potential consumers and EV enthusiasts will likely find the new Enyaq models to be a compelling blend of performance, convenience, and value.


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