USPS To Sample Canoo Electric Vehicles

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Canoo Inc., a frontrunner in advanced mobility solutions, disclosed today that the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has agreed to purchase six battery-electric vehicles. This procurement, part of the USPS’s ambitious $40 billion modernization plan, marks a significant step in its fleet electrification efforts. The six vehicles, right-hand drive versions of Canoo‘s Lifestyle Delivery Vehicle (LDV) 190, are slated for delivery in the first quarter of 2024.

This move is a pivotal component of the USPS’s broader strategy to overhaul its processing, transportation, and delivery networks. As announced on January 22, 2024, Canoo is privileged to be among the selected suppliers contributing to the electrification and modernization of the Postal Service’s delivery fleet.

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Canoo’s patented technologies are a cornerstone of the USPS vehicles, promising to enhance functionality, safety, and ergonomics. “The multi-purpose platform with steer-by-wire technology and a unique low-profile suspension system allows for a readily configurable right-hand drive system while maintaining desired roll and ride stability,” stated Tony Aquila, Investor, Executive Chairman, and CEO of Canoo. This quote underscores the innovative features Canoo brings to this partnership.

About Canoo: Emphasizing their mission “to bring EVs to Everyone,” Canoo is revolutionizing the automotive industry. Their groundbreaking electric vehicles (EVs) are noted for innovative technologies, distinctive design, and a business model that caters to a diverse range of owners throughout the vehicle’s lifecycle. The company’s modular electric platform is designed to optimize interior space and offer adaptability for various business and consumer applications, showcasing Canoo’s commitment to versatility and innovation in the EV sector.

This agreement with the USPS not only represents a major milestone for Canoo but also signifies a considerable leap forward in the Postal Service’s journey towards a more sustainable, modernized fleet.

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