Vehya Announces Partnership with HEVO Inc. to Install and Service Wireless EV Chargers

DETROIT – Vehya, an Electrification of Things (EoT) startup, has teamed up with HEVO Inc., a top provider of wireless electric vehicle (EV) charging technology, to speed up the deployment of wireless EV charging in the U.S. The partnership will make Vehya one of HEVO’s preferred partners for the installation and maintenance of its wireless charging products.

HEVO has commercialized its Rezonant hardware and Journey software, which offer customers a safe, easy, and seamless charging experience. The partnership is crucial for providing end-to-end customer service, including initial engagement, scaled deployments, and ongoing maintenance. As a key partner, Vehya will manage the entire delivery, installation, and maintenance process for HEVO’s future customers.

“HEVO is thrilled to partner with Vehya, which already provides customers around the world with a turnkey solution to EV charging,” said Vic Peltola, HEVO’s Chief Commercialization Officer. “Our collaboration will allow more customers to enjoy the benefits of wireless charging without the hassle of installation and maintenance typically associated with charging infrastructure,” he added.

To ensure the best customer service for HEVO customers, Vehya will offer a technological platform that ensures the hiring of trained and specialized electricians, offers reasonable pricing, and shares maintenance information with customers.

“The partnership between Vehya and HEVO is another important step in speeding up EV adoption. Vehya is excited to lead the delivery of the wireless charging technology our customers have been asking for,” said William McCoy, CEO and founder of Vehya.

HEVO and Vehya will demonstrate Level 2 wireless charging in the Detroit area in 2023 as the first step towards establishing a long-term and global supply agreement in 2024.


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