Versinetic to Unveil Pioneering Software Stack for EV Charging Manufacturers at Traffex 2023

What’s Happening

Versinetic, a leading UK-based smart charging consultancy, is poised to introduce a groundbreaking software stack solution at Traffex 2023, stand F41. This new solution equips EV charging manufacturers with the capability to develop charging infrastructure compatible with the impending protocol, ISO 15118.

Why It Matters

The ISO 15118 protocol is an initiative by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). It prescribes the communication techniques and data shared between the vehicle and charging station. With ISO 15118-compliant EV charge points, EV drivers will enjoy a seamless charging experience: simply drive to a station, plug in, and charge their vehicles.

Key Points

The new software stack from Versinetic, furnished as a licensed product, forms part of the consultancy’s modular EV charger offerings. Operating on Versinetic’s MantaRay control board, the software aids in efficient communication for both AC and DC chargers using the most up-to-date communication standards.

Versinetic’s Charging Blox comprise product and service modules that can be adapted to meet customers’ unique needs, culminating in a comprehensive EV charge point solution. These fall within three main categories:

  • Design concept – covering consultancy, feasibility studies, and an evaluation kit.
  • Solution design – incorporating Versinetic hardware products and software.
  • Supply options – featuring licensed, direct buy, or licensed build (for high volumes), or on a non-recurring engineering basis.

Versinetic engineers will be available at Traffex to answer queries and display the new solution.

Furthermore, Managing Director Dunstan Power will deliver an industry analysis during the “EV Charging Challenges Around the World; Insights and Solutions” presentation at the EV Infrastructure Theatre, on June 6, at 12:35pm. Here, he’ll discuss current global issues affecting the EV charging industry, potential solutions, and strategies to enhance the accessibility and efficiency of EV charging.

Bottom Line

The incorporation of ISO 15118 into Versinetic’s products underscores the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality offerings pivotal to road electrification. As per Dunstan Power, this development amplifies Versinetic’s pledge to furnish EV charging providers with expert, flexible, and modular EV charging products, expedite their market entry, and ensure future-proofed EV chargers.

The role of ISO 15118 in envisioning mass electrification of highways worldwide is critical. It aims to mitigate the constraints of other charging protocols, particularly the inadequate information about the charging vehicle. With its advent, the requirement for multiple apps, cards, or memberships for public EV charging will be a thing of the past.

As countries strive to meet their Paris Agreement goals, ISO 15118 will enhance the interoperability among charging networks, making EV charging more convenient and reducing barriers to EV adoption.

To discuss ISO 15118 or any of Versinetic’s solutions at Traffex, book an appointment with Versinetic. For more information, reach out to Ranbir Sahota at Vitis PR.

Versinetic is set to exhibit at Traffex, Power2Drive, and The Installer Show in June 2023.


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