VinFast Debuts in Indonesia

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VinFast, the dynamic electric vehicle manufacturer, marks its official entry into the Indonesian market with the opening of its first dealer store through a partnership with PT Gallerie Setia Utama. This significant event, following VinFast’s successful appearance at the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2024, underscores the company’s commitment to expanding its global footprint and meeting the burgeoning demand for electric vehicles in Indonesia.

Key Highlights:

  • First VinFast store opens in Depok City, enhancing the electric vehicle buying experience with a modern, luxurious setting.
  • Introduction of two smart electric models, the VF 5 and VF e34, equipped with advanced features tailored for the Indonesian market.
  • Expansion plan for 2024 aims at building a comprehensive distribution network across major Indonesian cities.
  • Innovative after-sales services include a 10-year warranty and a unique battery subscription policy to ease EV ownership.
  • Establishment of V-GREEN for a global charging network, prioritizing convenience for EV users in Indonesia and beyond.
VinFast Debuts in Indonesia

Situated in Depok City, close to Jakarta, the VinFast dealership is designed to provide an unmatched customer experience. Initially showcasing the VF 5 and VF e34 models, the store not only aims to sell electric vehicles but also to offer expert consulting and customer care.

VinFast’s strategic expansion within Indonesia through 2024 demonstrates the company’s dedication to catering to the rising interest in electric vehicles among Indonesian consumers.

Quotes Remain Unchanged: Mr. Nguyễn Ngọc Chức and Mr. Yance shared their enthusiasm and commitment to advancing the EV market in Indonesia, highlighting the quality, design, and customer-centric services of VinFast.

With the VF e34 priced at 315,000,000 IDR (excluding the battery), VinFast introduces a battery subscription policy, reducing ownership costs and promoting EV accessibility. The after-sales policies, including a 10-year warranty and free battery maintenance, reflect VinFast’s focus on customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

VinFast’s efforts to build a convenient charging network, along with its expansion into key global markets, signify the brand’s ambition to lead in smart mobility solutions. The establishment of manufacturing plants in strategic locations, including Indonesia, further illustrates VinFast’s global vision.

About VinFast: A part of Vingroup, VinFast stands at the forefront of the smart electric vehicle revolution. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing complex in Hai Phong, Vietnam, VinFast is on a mission to promote sustainable mobility worldwide. Visit for more information.

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