Vitesco Technologies and ROHM Sign Strategic SiC Supply Partnership to Boost Electric Vehicle Efficiency

Vitesco Technologies and ROHM enter a long-term supply partnership, expected to exceed a billion dollars, to streamline the production of SiC power semiconductors, aiming to improve electric vehicle efficiency and charging speed.

What’s Happening

Vitesco Technologies and ROHM have formalized a strategic, long-term supply partnership focused on the production of silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductors. The partnership’s total project volume is anticipated to surpass one billion US dollars between 2024 and 2030. The development partnership for SiC chips, which started in 2020, served as the foundation for this newly signed supply agreement.

Why It Matters

This partnership is critical because SiC devices are a key technology in the development of highly efficient power electronics, such as those required in electric vehicle (EV) inverters. This technology is particularly essential for vehicles that target high range and overall optimum efficiency. SiC chips not only support highly efficient electric driving but also fast charging simultaneously, placing them at the forefront of a global surge in demand.

Key Points

Through this partnership, Vitesco Technologies, an international leader in modern drive technologies and electrification solutions, has ensured critical capacities in energy-efficient SiC power semiconductors. By 2024, the company aims to roll out the first series of its advanced inverters, integrated with ROHM SiC chips, for two significant customers. These power electronics are designed for application within electric vehicle powertrains.

Bottom Line

In the rapidly expanding automotive market, SiC devices emerge as a pivotal element for higher efficiency. ROHM, with an expected market share increase of over 30%, has now solidified its market penetration strategy by securing Vitesco Technologies as a strategic partner. As competition for high-tech material components increases, securing SiC capacities through partnerships like this becomes more important than ever. The collaboration promises to deliver improved power electronics and drive efficiency in the EV sector, reinforcing the trajectory towards more sustainable mobility solutions.


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